A few weeks ago I had field inspection work in the Media, PA area. I heard about this tiny cafe in Media, so if we were close enough, I was gunna make sure it was our lunch destination…luckily it was, and we went there for lunch on both days of our inspection.

It WAS tiny…and very easy to miss. It’s a good thing we walked over to Jackson Street and had some iPhone GPS to help out. House can only sit maybe like 15 people or so plus 4 outside. The owner/head chef Mike (I think his name was) was all smiles and very friendly. I even got into a chat with him about cooking and soup/stocks that he makes.

The menu is on two golden sheets of paper and is divided into four sections: grilled paninis, grilled cheese, salads, and cold sandwiches. In addition to that, they have their daily “chalkboard” specials. Normally a sandwich and/or soups.

On the first day, I ordered a Featherbague (tomato, basil, mozzarella, drizzled with EVOO and balsamic served on a baguette) off the cold sandwich menu. My colleague got an El Nino (avocado chicken salad, tomato, bacon, chipotle remoulade) grilled panini. I actually got to try half of his cause when they brought out the sandwiches, they ended up putting the El Nino on my side and for some reason, I didn’t think to check whether or not this was mine since it looked so good.


el nino.

I was mindblown after that first visit, so we returned the second day and this time I got the King Khan panini, a “buffalo chicken” sandwich made with spicy chicken salad, caramelized onions, gorgonzola, and Mike’s spicy sauce. Mike also let us sample some of his curry chicken soup which was real tasty. Once we finished our sandwich, Mike made the special of the day for us to try, the He-Man panini, which was meatball, aged white cheddar, and some sauce (not sure what it was).

king khan.


House is simply amazing. I haven’t had great cafe sandwiches in a long, long time. The sandwiches are delicious. House also uses fresh bread from the Metropolitan Bakery in Philly…and good bread is probably the most important thing in a sandwich IMO. Everything tastes fresh and Mike and the staff are friendly. This place actually makes me want to live/work by Media, PA. You heard me say it…

Do yourself a favor and check out this place if you’re around during lunchtime.

110 S. Jackson Street
Media, PA 19063

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  1. K。A。I says:

    looks so good~ i want gorgonzola now.

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