blue sky cafe – SHOTGUN GRAVY!

As I mentioned before in a previous post, I’ve never been lucky enough to try the weekend special Southern Shotgun Gravy. This past weekend, I woke up at a friends place and went straight to Blue Sky Cafe by myself…a man on a mission. To my surprise (or no surprise), the place was barely empty. Only two or three tables were seated at 9 am. I then figured that it was probably due to it being Lehigh/Lafayette weekend and most people in this area would be more into the liquid diet this morning.

I sat down at the bar seating overlooking the kitchen area. The waitress attended me promptly and I asked if they had the shotgun gravy available….and indeed they did! For a buck more, I ordered the gravy served over biscuits AND hash browns.

Ahh, this was finally happening. After all this time, I’m finally going to try the Southern Shotgun Gravy. There I sat, anxiously waiting the arrival of my meal…I wondered whether this would be worth all the hype…

It finally arrived, and I couldn’t wait to dig in… I started with the hash brown side. It was hot and I definitely burned the top of my mouth a bit, but mmm it was good. The potatoes were exactly how they always are (a good thing) and the gravy was really flavorful and the little bits of sausage was a nice added compliment. The biscuit side was probably my favorite. The biscuits had a nice crusty outside, but a soft, moist, buttery center.

At one point during the meal, one of the cooks asked me if it was everything I had hoped it would be (I told him this was a goal of mine the past couple times I’ve gone) and I had to say that it was. Though without friends with me to proclaim my happiness with, I was definitely pleased and content with the Southern Shotgun Gravy. It was perfect as well for my aching head….a perfect hangover breakfast. The dish was also very, very filling, as I was not able to finish all of it.

I will be back (of course!)…but if I do get this dish again, I will probably go all out biscuits! Not that the potatoes were bad, it’s just that gravy and biscuits seemed to taste better together than gravy and hashbrowns.

Blue Sky Cafe
22 West 4th Street
Bethlehem, PA 18015

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  1. joanh says:

    man, that looks kind of good. but deadly! the only place i can think of to get biscuits here is from KFC. lol

  2. North says:

    OH this place is a "charlotte" place! :)

    Congrats that you could have the Southern Shotgun Gravy! Btw, are you going to make gravy on your Turkey as well?

    How did it go with tangerin stuff? It is an interesting idea (or people usually put tangerins inside of chicken?) Does it make the chicken/turkey sweeter or tender?

    I'll wait for your final journal of your big day! :)

  3. brian says:

    @joanh – yeah, it definitely looks deadly…but it does satisfy a morning hunger.

    @north – you bet! i'll definitely be making gravy for the turkey. the tangerine was just kinda spur of the moment. i've read a lot of recipes that place a lemon half inside the cavity. i'm pretty sure from what i've read, you want to put aromatics in the cavity, and having a lemon adds moisture while it's cooking. i ran out of lemons that day, so i ended up using a tangerine which i had on hand. it seemed to turn out ok!

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