cooking: honey roasted chicken

Last night I made my last roast chicken in preparation for Thanksgiving. Since I was in a bit of a time constraint, I simply salted and peppered the cavity, under, and over the skin. I also stuffed half a yellow onion and a tangerine inside the cavity. On the bottom of the roasting pan I put a quartered half of a yellow onion and pieces of celery.

I started out cooking the chicken breast side down for about an hour, 475 for the first 15, then at 325 for the last 45. After that hour, I flipped the bird over, applied a warm honey glaze and tossed it back in. It took at least an hour until the bird reached 165 internally and I basted at random times throughout the roast.

This was one of the juicer, tender chickens I’ve ever made…it was a success, though I do need to figure out a way to make this chicken a little more “honey-er”/flavorful.

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  1. joanh says:

    ooh a tangerine stuffed inside. interesting!

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