cooking: turkey stock

I’ve never made a stock in fear of messing up and wasting the long hours used to make one. It has definitely started to get on my nerves buying boxes/cans of “broth” at the supermarket for my culinary use. How can I not do something so simple (just time consuming)?


Having a fresh turkey carcass and wings, I took out the stock pot, put the turkey parts in, diced my mirepoix, and put together a bouquet garni. I started at approximately 1:30pm…and finished around 8:30pm.

mirepoix & bouquet garni

I must say it took a while, but it was totally worth it. The stock looks great, and I definitely have about 20 cups worth of stock now!


ice bath in cooler to bring it down past “danger zone”

tons of stock for future use

These are the two references which have helped me in making my stock…

Good Eats – Season 7, Episode 5 – True Brew IV: Take Stock
The Professional Chef, 8th Edition – Culinary Institute of America

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  1. joanh says:

    wow! so cool… i'm too lazy to try anything like this

  2. North says:

    Hello. Congrats on the successful Thanksgiving dishes! Turkey looked great! I miss Thanksgiving dinner in America… Good food and family gathering…

    Making a stock takes long and you need some energy. But it would make you easier to cook soup and some others using these. It would be delicious. How are you going to use those?

  3. brian says:

    @north: thanks! the stock is definitely worth making cause the stock you make, compared to the ones in the can/box, these don't rely on a lot of salt (from what i can remember, correct me if i'm wrong). i can use them in soups, stews, and many other recipes that call for a stock. be assured you will probably see another post for something involving stock.

    @joanh: i don't blame you, that might actually be why i haven't tried anything like this until now. definitely something to do on the weekend and definitely something to do if you have nothing else to do lol.

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