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Thanks to a RT from Amy Blogs Chow, I found about this place called Hill Country, a Texas BBQ restaurant in Manhattan. It’s been a while since I’ve had some good BBQ (I was assuming it was good) so I was pretty stoked.

My friends and I arrived and noticed a large open room with tables scattered surrounding a line in the center of the restaurant. I was pretty confused. Do we order there? Is that a separate line for people taking out? Why are we being given cards to place our order on then?

After being seated and looking at our menu cards for a bit, we ordered our beverages and then realized that you indeed have to wait in that line to get your food, but you bring your card too and the person at the counter marks your card for what you got. Pretty simple.

We all got beers for our beverages….all but my friend Flynn…he opted for Texas’s own, Big Red soda. The beverages came to the table, and the Big Red stood out like a sore thumb. It was a bright red, similar to the color of those FlaVorIce ice pops. Now, you’re thinking it probably tasted like sugar too. Oh yes it did. It tasted like cherry Bazooka bubble gum…or similar to that (I thought). Definitely don’t think I could drink too much of that though.

flynn and his big red

On to the food…there were so many different cuts and types of meat that while waiting in the long line I still couldn’t quite decide on what I wanted. Under pressure at the counter I ordered 1/4 of a roast chicken, dark meat (even though they gave me white), 1 pork rib, 1 slice of beef brisket…and I thought I was done, until I noticed the specials menu where I saw beef short rib….without thinking, I added one of those. That sucker was friggin huge. instantly adding a pound to the food I already had. I didn’t plan on eating a lot so my mindset was, eh, whatever, I’ll share it with the guys.

After that counter, I went with the guys to the sides counter. where I ordered nothing since there was way too much food on my plate already. Friends ended up getting sides of corn bread, chili, green bean casserole, and mac and cheese. Oh, and the meals come with your choice of bread or crackers…and they friggin give you like half a sleeve of crackers!

Please excuse the following awful iPhone picture.

Everything was delicious. I was not too pleased when I realized that I was given white meat when I sat down, but whatever, what’s done is done and honestly, that was some of the best white meat chicken I’ve ever had…tender, juicy, and tasty. That short rib was another favorite. A super expensive special (around 22 – 25 per pound…and this one rib was almost a pound and a half!)…but totally worth the money spent. Extremely tender and tasty meat. I also got to try a couple things that my friends got such as the mac and cheese, jalapeno sausage, and corn bread.

It was a damn satisfying meal…though I definitely ordered way too much. Perfect place to go if you wanna put yourself into a food coma, then go home and sleep…but also perfect for having a delicious BBQ meal!

P.S. Call ahead if you’re going with a group…it gets pretty busy!

Hill Country
30 West 26th Street
New York, NY 10010

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