I’ve heard and read so much about Korean fried chicken. All signs pointed to NYC when trying to find a place to try some. As often as I go to NYC, I unfortunately always forgot all about it when I came up. Finally, earlier last week, I met a friend for lunch at one of the places, Kyochon.

Kyochon is a Korean chain, which has a couple restaurants here in the US now. They’re known for their fried chicken, which is nothing as we Americans know fried chicken as. Korean fried chicken is twice fried, not coated with a batter like southern fried.

The restaurant was pretty neat looking. The employees looked like flight stewardesses with their outfits and the decor/atmosphere felt like very loungy….even the bathroom was wild looking.

I ordered a combo of soy garlic wings with potato wedges. Soon after sitting, the district manager of Kyochon happened to notice me taking photos of my food, and gave me a sampling of the hot & sweet wings to try…very awesome!

I liked both varieties, though I felt the hot & sweet wings were a little too spicy to enjoy. Each bite was flavorful without an overload of sauce flying all over the place. These were actually sauceless yet tasty.

If you’ve never had Korean fried chicken before, go out and try some. I enjoyed my meal despite the feeling that I broke my no fast food diet by going to a Korean equivalent of KFC. But no, this is not. This is definitely better than KFC!

As I left Kyochon, I noticed that a BonChon, another competitor in the Korean fried chicken war, was opening soon just down the street!

319 5th Ave
New York, NY 10016

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  1. Kait says:

    Kyochans are popping up all over the place. I'm glad you were able to try it and enjoy it. We won't consider it "fast food" for your diet. 🙂

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