la guadalupana – lengua taco

A lengua taco has been on my to-eat list for a while now. I’m not opposed or appalled by the consumption of tongue. It’s just that I’ve never had the opportunity to try it. Luckily, a friend of mine was down for lunch and we went to a place he often gets lengua tacos.

They started us off with homemade tortilla chips topped with refried beans and queso fresco accompanied with a hot sauce. The tacos came out soon afterwards and they were delicious! The lengua was tasty and I’m totally ordering these again.

Don’t be scared of tongue. Go out and try some.

La Guadalupana
150 Haddon Avenue
Westmont, NJ 08108

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love tongue tacos, but the tacos fopr the truly adventurous gringo are los tacos de la tripa. Yummy. These can still be had at better taquerias in the S.Jersey/Phila area. Still, nothing beats tacos de cecina for the standard traditional taco.

    Nice to see La Guadalapana in Westmont getting some love; it's a solid taqueria, and I hope more ppl will visit often.


  2. Christopher says:

    El Zarape is your next move for lengua.

    I'm down to try some more offal tacos at Puebla in the Italian Market, if you are.

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