beer: russian river pliny the younger

As soon as word got out that Russian River Pliny the Younger was going to be at the Khyber Pass Pub (thanks Foobooz), I knew I had to be there. Since it’s a super rare beer and only released once a year, tickets were sold at $15 to benefit the Philadelphia Free Library Youth Literacy Program. Each ticket was for a 10 oz. tulip of Pliny the Younger. I was lucky enough to snag the last three tickets thanks to a friend who happened to be at the Khyber for dinner.

one of the last three…

The beer is a triple IPA and is 11% ABV. Despite being 11%, it sure didn’t taste like it. It was pleasantly hoppy with a citrus sweetness and went down smooth. If only I were able to order another round…

I definitely enjoyed Pliny the Younger. Glad I didn’t have to go through huge crowds of people in an uncomfortable environment to try it!

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  1. Thad S. says:

    I could certainly go for one of those right about now.

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