the abbaye

It’s been almost a year since I’ve visited The Abbaye. I had a great time last year when I went even though it was just for a drink or two. There is no good excuse for why I haven’t been in so long and after last night’s dinner, I will not forget about this place again.

One of the reasons I chose to come here last night, besides the fact that it’s been too long, was that they have some great vegetarian/vegan food options. Some of my friends have raved about their vegan wings in particular. That being said, vegan wings were ordered for our appetizer (pictured above). They were delicious. The Abbaye makes these in house! The wings were full of flavor and had a crisp outside, a texture almost dead on with fried chicken skin. These were some of, if not the best, faux meat experiences I’ve ever had! After Lent is over, I’m still going to order these…they’re THAT good.

seitan cheesesteak

In addition to the wings, I ordered the seitan cheesesteak. I’ve had other sandwiches made with seitan before and enjoyed them, however, this was the first time I’ve had a vegetarian cheesesteak. The cheesesteak is served on a roll with melted gruyere, grilled onions, grilled tomato, and a roasted garlic aioli. I haven’t had other veg cheesesteaks to compare but this was delicious as well. The chopped up pieces of seitan were tasty and not dry at all. The cheesesteak came with a pickle, frites, and a dipping sauce.

The menu is pretty huge. Even though I could easily eliminate the meat options, I still read through everything and started to wonder how some of the stuff would taste once Lent is over (ex. Abbaye Burger, Smokey Chimay Wings). I NEED to come back to try those. Seriously had an awesome time last night. I’d like to apologize to my stomach for ignoring this fantastic place in NoLibs for almost a year. Hope to be back soon!

Also, I got to try one of their pâtés at this year’s Brewer’s Plate and it was great! Looking forward to trying the non-vegetarian ones!

The Abbaye
637 N 3rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123

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  1. Thad S. says:

    I really need to get there. I am moving to that hood soon, so I am sure I will be up that way.

  2. Taylor says:

    The Abbaye has a really great seitan cheesesteak. To date, Blackbird Pizzeria is tops in my book for seitan cheesesteak – such finely sliced seitan and gooey vegan cheese that permeates throughout. You should check them out for lunch or takeout (not really a hang out and drink kind of place) while you're still doing the Lent thing.

  3. Thad S. says:

    If you go to Blackbird, ask for Randy, he hooks up a mean sandwich.

  4. e says:

    Abbaye is my go-to bar in No Libs, not too many overly perfumed girls or dudes looking for valet parking. The burger is awesome, also a big fan of their grilled cheese with bacon.

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