john’s roast pork – cheesesteak

I enjoy cheesesteaks. My normal order is a steak with whiz and onions, nothing else. John’s Roast Pork does not even offer their steaks with whiz. If you may or may not know, not every place in Philly serves whiz on their steaks and the typical alternatives are American or mild provolone. I’ve had steaks with American and mild provolone and they really haven’t done anything for me.

This South Philly establishment serves up a cheesesteak without whiz that wins me over. They serve a steak on a beautiful seeded roll with onions and sharp provolone. It’s so ridiculously good. I’m even inclined as to say it’s my favorite steak in the city. Unfortunately John’s is only open during the week and they close at 3 pm. If you pass by and they’re open, stop in for a one!

They also make a roast pork sandwich that is supposedly out of this world. I have yet to try it!

John’s Roast Pork
14 Snyder Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19148

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  1. That cheesesteak looks freaking phenomenal. We live minutes from there. MUST check it out soon!

  2. Bryan says:

    Wait a minute. You went to John’s Roast Pork and had a cheesesteak? Try the roast pork next time. I’ll let it slide because it does look good.

  3. The only way to do it is go with someone and get one cheesesteak and one roast pork. Split. Perfection. I love that place.

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