the institute

The Institute has a new menu and with that new menu comes a great selection of burgers. They have one that features scrambled eggs and sriracha as well as one that features oyster mushrooms and goat cheese.

I went with their porter smoked burger which came with porter smoked gorgonzola and caramelized onions, cooked medium rare. The 8 oz. burger was served on a brioche bun and came with tots. The burger was juicy and was well complimented by the flavors of the gorgonzola and onions.

I’m more than a fan of this place as it has some tasty food (new menu plus THIS), great beers (had my first Canadian Breakfast Stout here), and friendly staff. It is also a couple blocks from Union Transfer, so I’m certain this is going to be my preshow bar.

The Institute
549 N. 12th St
Philadelphia, PA 19123

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