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(Almost) immediately after consuming an Iron Hill burger, me and my fellow indulgent eater friend noticed this Five Guys-esque looking place just down the street called Zac’s Hamburgers. Since we live in Philly and rarely come out to Media, the decision was made to try this local burger chain.

The interior definitely had a Five Guys feel to it, with the colors being black and white over red and white. Zac’s offers a couple different burger variations ranging from a single hamburger to a double bacon cheeseburger. They also have chicken and fish sandwiches, different types of fries, and milkshakes. There is a list of all the available toppings you could add to your burger; you could also add “everything” to it. Everything doesn’t include lettuce (not sure why), but it does include tomatoes, relish, pickles, ketchup, mustard, onions, and sweet peppers.

I went with a bacon cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, fried onions, and mustard. My friend went with a cheeseburger with everything. The burgers are griddled and served on a white bun. It wasn’t bad, though I was shocked when I noticed they used spicy brown mustard over the yellow. I’m a big fan of spicy brown on other sandwiches, though here I felt it overpowered the burger. My friend described his burger as overwhelming with everything on it. We also split an order of fries which were nothing special.

I definitely want to come back, except next time I may order mine with just fried onions and cheese. It would probably be smart to not follow up a burger with another, too!

Zac’s Hamburgers
301 State St.
Media, PA 19063

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