lucky old souls – breakfast burger

The last time I had a burger from Lucky Old Souls, the meat was overcooked and fairly dry. Since then, I’ve wanted to come back to give it another chance. Headhouse Farmers’ Market opened recently and several friends were raving to me about Lucky Old Souls’s Breakfast Burger. A couple weekends ago, that’s exactly what I went out to get.

The Breakfast Burger is made up of a grass fed beef patty topped with local blueberry jam, housemade bacon, habanero cheddar, and a fried egg sandwiched on a challah bun.

The meat was definitely much better than last time. It was cooked medium and all the toppings really complimented each other well. There was the heat from the habanero cheddar, crispy bacon, sweet blueberry jam, and a runny egg! It’s pretty awesome. Having Lucky Old Souls present at Headhouse Farmers’ Market during my weekly Sunday trip is going to be a dangerous, dangerous thing.

Lucky Old Souls
Multiple Locations
Philadelphia, PA

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