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I’ve been hearing a lot about this new food cart in the city, Spot. The people I follow on Twitter who have had their burgers have said great things. The only thing that stopped me from trying them is the distance to their usual spot in University City at 33rd St. & Arch St. Work brought me close to the area yesterday and I finally had my opportunity to try em. Their menu consists of burgers, cheesesteaks, roast pork, and fries. Under the burgers, you can choose from one of their gourmet burgers or choose to customize your own.

I decided on the Spot Burger, a 1/3 lb sirloin burger topped with bacon, cheddar, cole slaw, dill pickle chips, and SPOT sauce. It comes on a Conshohocken Bakery soft bun. The burger was pretty big. I certainly had to squeeze the burger and unhook my jaw a bit to take some bites. The burger was cooked to a medium/medium-well. They are generous with the amount of toppings and the burger tasted really good. The crunch from the bacon and pickles added a pleasant contrast in texture. The slaw and sauce added some great flavors as well. The ($6) price is good, too! Looking forward to my next burger from Spot. I have my eyes set on the Roquefort one!

33rd St. & Arch St. (most of the time. check their Twitter for special locations.)
Philadelphia, PA

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