katsu burger – ohayou gozaimasu

In the month of planning before the trip to Seattle/Portland, I read a good amount about Katsu Burger. When we started to place all our intended eats on a map, I was bummed out to see how it was not exactly in downtown Seattle. Plans to go to Katsu Burger were chalked up as tentative, since there were lots of wedding activities and much closer burgers to eat.

I finally got my eyes on a menu two days before going and I told my friend that we HAD to go. The concept at this place is so neat and crazy but it could totally work if pulled off properly.

For those of you who don’t know, (ton)katsu is traditionally a pork cutlet which has been breaded and fried. This place serves the meat in their burgers, katsu style. They are dipped in a tempura batter and coated in panko before deep frying. The burgers, sans the “katsu style” meat, are served like regular ones, with bread and toppings. The burgers here all have Japanese inspiration/influence and are topped with sauces like Kewpie mayo, tonkatsu sauce, or teriyaki. Their menu has specific meats for their burgers but you can swap whichever meat you want. The options are the beef, marinated tofu, or brined chicken & pork.

There were so many burgers and it took us a bit to figure out which ones we wanted to try (We were sharing many of these meals, not eating multiples burgers in one sitting, haha. Not that you’d put that past me, of course). Since we didn’t have breakfast that morning, we were pretty hungry and went with two Ohayou Gozaimasus.

Ohayou Gozaimasu means Good Morning in Japanese, so most of the ingredients would be what you’d expect from a breakfast burger. Served on a locally baked sesame seeded kaiser roll is the katsu prepared beef patty, cheddar, fried egg, thick cut bacon, Kewpie mayo, tonkatsu sauce, shredded cabbage, tomatoes, red onion, and pickles. She went with the beef and I swapped for pork in mine.

These burgers weren’t just beautiful, they were also some of the best ones I’ve ever had. All the flavors really complimented each other well. I certainly enjoyed the pork over the beef, as katsu is traditionally served with pork cutlets and it was tender and full of flavor while maintaining a crispy outside. Not trying to downplay the beef, of course, since that was still a very tasty burger, it just didn’t have as crispy of an outside.

In addition to our burgers, we got a side of fries, wasabi coleslaw, and a black sesame milkshake. The shoestring fries come with your choice of three different seasonings (sea salt, curry, or nori) and a dipping sauce (Kewpie mayo, tonkatsu sauce, curry mayo, teriyaki sauce, miso honey mustard, wasabi mayo, sriracha sauce, or spicy mayo). We got the curry fries with curry mayo. Both very tasty though we didn’t finish em (the portion was huge). The black sesame milkshake was great as was the wasabi coleslaw.

I haven’t been that happy after consuming a burger in a while. Despite being in a small strip mall next to a convenience store, the space had a lot of burger/Japanese art on the walls and super friendly staff. This place alone makes me want to be in Seattle even more.

If you’re a burger fan and are planning to be in Seattle, take the trip down to Katsu Burger, I promise it’s worth it!

Oh, I was so happy that this also happened. Thanks for the photo Denise!

Katsu Burger
6538 4th Ave. S
Seattle, WA 98108

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  1. Cool post. I can imagine Katsu Burger would be right up my street.

    Japanese cuisine is something which polarises my opinion with some Japanese food being amongst my favourite in the world and other options being pretty disgusting (imo). I once mistakenly tried a sashimi (raw fish) pizza once which I wasn’t too impressed with but on the other hand I love unagi, and teriyaki sauce is also one of my favourites.

    I imagine Japanese style burgers would be just to my taste and fries with teriyaki sauce also sounds very appealing.

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