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Two weeks ago I was invited to a “meat & greet” at Butcher & Singer with Pat LaFrieda, the man responsible for several delicious burger blends across the country. The event was held to debut B&S’s use of a new blend for the Butcher Burger called the “Blend 5”. I also believe it’s going to be used in other Starr restaurants. I had the pleasure and honor of sitting next to Pat during dinner and we got to talk a lot about burgers and NYC! Pat also told me about Blend 5. I don’t want to tell any secrets though, so I’ll just say the the Blend 5 is awesome!

The Butcher Burger is made up of a 10 oz. LaFrieda “Blend 5” beef patty topped with cheddar, charred Vidalia onions, Iceberg lettuce, Kosher pickles, tomato, and Russian dressing. It’s sandwiched between a toasted Parc-baked brioche bun and served with house cut fries.

This burger was absolutely delicious. Sure, maybe having a LaFrieda burger while sitting next to Pat LaFrieda himself may have elevated tastes, but no. Seriously. This was good. The meat was cooked to medium-rare (we weren’t asked). I thought the flavor of the Russian dressing really complimented the burger. Nothing was overwhelming, as the flavors were all pretty balanced. The toasted brioche bun held up nicely to the juiciness of the burger. The burger was also sized perfectly to fit on the bun. There were no burgerless bites with this one! The house cut fries were also good. If I didn’t have a hockey game later that evening, I would have finished them! Don’t worry, I didn’t waste them. Friend/fellow blogger Ryan Hudak gladly had the rest of my fries.

In addition to the burger, we were able to try some lamb chops, also from LaFrieda Meats. These were delicious as they were cooked and seasoned perfectly.

At the end of the meal, I kept thinking what took me so long to get to B&S and when I’d be able to come back again to have another Butcher Burger. Get out and try one!

Butcher & Singer
1500 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19102

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  1. Jay says:

    Russian dressing is always a win, particularly in North Jersey Sloppy Joe-sandwich form. The Vidalia onion sounds like an interesting choice for this burger. It sure looks good.

    I just found out that the Vidalia onion is Georgia’s official state vegetable. This fascinates me, for some reason. Pennsylvania does not have an Official Vegetable(tm). I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the great people of our commonwealth, to nominate pepper hash for the position. Yes, pepper hash is a vegetable. Better than most, in fact! 😉

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