city tap house – lamb burger

Even though a previous burger experience here wasn’t the greatest, when you need a burger and you happen to be at the same place, you sometimes want to give it another shot. This past weekend I found myself at City Tap House once again, wanting a burger, however, I went with the Lamb Burger.

The Lamb Burger is topped with feta yogurt, smoked paprika aioli, kalamata olives, and a fennel salad. It is served on a toasted seeded wheat bun. Like the Tap House Burger, the burger to bun ratio was perfect and it was very neatly prepared. It also had some good flavors. Since I thought about my last experience here with an overcooked burger which was ordered medium-rare, I ordered this lamb burger rare. After a couple bites, I noticed my burger was cooked to a perfect medium-rare! It was much juicier this time due to its lower cooked temperature. Sure, you shouldn’t have to order a rare burger in order to receive a medium-rare burger, but I had a hunch this decision would work out in my favor this time around. The only other downside in addition to anticipating an overcooked burger was the wheat bun. It felt a bit too wholesome. I’d like try the Tap House Burger next time, ordered rare!

City Tap House
3925 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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  1. A + J says:

    I find myself almost always ordering rare and ending up with medium-rare (if I’m lucky– sometimes it’s more medium). It seems to do the trick most places! Rare lamb = even more delicious.

  2. Jay says:

    Looks like the wild boar burger you mention in the May post is off the menu now. Shame, I’d love to try one of those!

    I’ve never been here, and I rarely ever find myself out that way. But I’m a huge fan of lamb burgers, so it’s good to be able to take note of where they are. I’ll keep them in mind.

    O/T, but I finally got the chance to head down to Charlie’s Hamburgers in Folsom on Sunday. Fantastic burgers, but the prices seem to have doubled-plus-some from the available menus online. Not complaining, the food’s totally worth it, but just a heads up. It’s cash only, and do be prepared to spend $8 to $10 a person.

    I had a double cheese and a Charlie’s special, about $8, and I left still a little hungry. The patties are probably about 1.5 ounces or so each, on a bun the size of a regular Martin’s sandwich roll (a bit bigger than a slider roll, but smaller than a burger at, say, NJ’s White Rose, or… gag!… McDonald’s).

    Next time, I’d go with my last order plus an extra “special.” Or maybe two double cheese. They’re essentially really good backyard barbecue burgers. Expect a line, and bring cash.

    I can’t say I’ll go out of my way to hit them again, especially since I live in Kensington and I’m a transit rider; but I’d recommend them for someone nearby, and perhaps I’d even recommend them as a place to eat when one of my sisters and their kids come down from North Jersey, and if we’re heading out of town somewhere on a road trip or something…

    • brian says:

      Yeah, the burgers at CTH aren’t bad, just slightly overdone.

      Glad to hear you finally made it out to Charlie’s! I’m still waiting for the perfect time I don’t have ta lunch and I’m in the area to try one! Thanks for the ordering tips/recs. I’m sure you’ll see when I finally get to go!

      ps. Burgerpalooza was pretty awesome tonight!

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