burgerpalooza 2012

It all started one day on Twitter. I saw Josh from Spot Burgers tweet Charlie from Chewy’s using the hashtag #burgerpalooza. I immediately responded. I needed to know what it was and when it was! Unfortunately, Josh couldn’t tell me much about it yet. In due time though, everything was revealed and it sounded incredible.

It truly was incredible. Enter Burgerpalooza 2012. $30 admission. Four local food trucks serving all you can eat burgers. Two drink tickets for beers at Yards Brewery (where it was held). Fries & cupcakes from two other local food trucks.

First off, I have to clarify. This was not a contest. It was a burger celebration! The four food trucks which served up burgers was Street Food Philly, Spot Burgers, MOO, and Chewy’s.

There were 12 different burgers at the event, but you couldn’t just walk up and get whatever you wanted. Each truck had three rounds and weren’t allowed to serve the following round until ALL the burgers of the previous round were consumed. Unfortunately, I rolled up to Burgerpalooza a little late and was just past the halfway point of Round 2 for most of the trucks. Fortunately, there was still a whole lot of burgers to be eaten!

Here are some of the burgers I got to try:

Patagonia from Spot Burgers – topped w/ avocado, tomato-chimichurri salsa, house made ranch

Sweet Tooth from Chewy’s – topped w/ bacon and cheddar and served on a toasted Krispy Kreme doughnut

Moo Burger from MOO – topped w/ American cheese, lettuce, onion, pickle, and Moo Goo

Yards Burger from Street Food Philly – topped w/ Yards root beer cured bacon, Cooper American cheese, garlic herb aioli, and tomato

Check out the rest of the burger offerings on the burger ballot. Excuse the condition of the ballot, I found it in my jacket pocket!

I had a really great time. Pretty sure I was burger drunk in a food coma. I’m really hoping they do this again!

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  1. Karin says:

    No judgment on any of them? Best burger? Worst? Best all around establishment?

    • brian says:

      I thought everything I had was great. Some I was in love with. There was no winner though as this wasn’t a contest, merely a celebration of burgers!

  2. Jay says:

    Hadn’t heard of MOO before, but that one looks great! Good ole’ classic, my kinda burger right there. If not for Shake Shack, I would have probably had to head out to wherever they are and hunt them down one of these weekends. Spot’s Patagonia sounds and looks good, too.

    I hope they do it again soon, as well. April or May would be great!


    O/T, but I had a thought on the way home today. I was hungry, and I got to thinking. Amtrak Cafe Car concept comes to the El.


    Yeah, probably wouldn’t work eh? 😉

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