primanti bros. – pitts-burger cheese steak

If you’re not aware, Primanti Bros. has been making sandwiches with fries and slaw for a while now. Whether you hate my decision or not, I made sure to make it to Primanti Bros. on my second trip out to Pittsburgh. Sure, I’ve heard a lot of talk comparing their sandwiches to the cheesesteaks made at Pat’s or Geno’s (overhyped tourist trap-wise, not sandwich), but not all overhyped tourist trappy places are bad. For example, I really enjoyed Ben’s Chili Bowl in DC.

Anyway, after checking out the National Aviary, me and my dining partner made our way over to the original Primanti Bros. in the Strip District. There were a large amount of sandwiches to choose from and my eyes led me to the Pitts-Burger Cheese Steak. Now, I know a lot of my Philly readers are going to give me lip about how this isn’t a cheesesteak. Duh. Of course it isn’t, nor was I expecting anything like what we get over here. I mean, c’mon now, it has the word burger in it, so it’s gotta be different!

The Pitts-burger Cheese Steak is made up of a burger topped with provolone, tangy slaw, fries, and a tomato which is then placed between thickly cut white bread. The meat had a texture similar to a Salisbury steak or meatball. The provolone was provolone. Same reason why I never get provolone on any sandwiches, there’s just not enough flavor from it. Not a lot of flavors stuck out and some bites were dry. I ended up adding ketchup and hot sauce to a lot of bites. Also, the fries were crisp, but needed to be seasoned more. The sandwiches reminded me of the Fat Sandwiches at Rutgers University, lots of stuff going onto a roll but needed something else to bind them together.

It was nothing stellar but I’m glad I finally tried it!

Primanti Bros.
46 18th St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 263.32142

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  1. Jay says:

    Their sandwiches have always looked on the dry side to me. I’m sure I’d try them if I ever find myself in Pittsburgh for more than a few days, though. I had more of these types of sandwiches than I’d like to admit from the Big-A$$ Sandwiches cart back in Portland, some even while sober. In the end, if I’m gonna have potatoes on a sandwich, I prefer them in North Jersey Italian Hot Dog form, myself…

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