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Burger Brawl has been going on for the past two years and it killed me to realize that it was on the same day as the Broad Street Run in both 2011 and 2012. My decision to not run this year has allowed me to make it out to the third annual Burger Brawl!

If you’re not aware, Burger Brawl is an annual charity competition where several chefs in the city compete for the Judges’ and People’s Choice awards. It’s held at the Fleisher Art Memorial and proceeds go to Philly area public schools. In 2011, Jen Carroll of 10 Arts and Michael McNally of London Grill took home the gold. Last year, David Wiederholt of The Capital Grille and Bobby Flay of Bobby’s Burger Palace won.

It was a beautiful day for this year’s burger brawl. The sun was out and the weather was perfect. Tables and grills lined the perimeter of the Fleisher Art Memorial’s parking lot and the smell of grilled beef filled the air.

There were a lot of signature restaurant burgers, such as The Industry’s Industry Burger, London Grill’s London Burger, and Alla Spina’s Burgamo. In addition, some restaurants served other creations. South Philly Tap Room served the Ham-Hamburger, a burger topped with a ham salad, and Chef George Sabatino gave us a taste of what he’s serving over at Morgan’s Pier, sous-vide burgers finished on the grill topped with homemade American cheese (which will actually be finished in the deep fryer at Morgan’s Pier).

The Judges’ Choice went to Fat Jack’s BBQ, who made their Ultimate Memphis Mauler Burger which was made up of angus chuck brisket & ribeye, topped with homemade BBQ sauce, cheddar jack cheese, brisket, pulled pork, sauteed onions, slaw, and a dill pickle.

The People’s Choice went to Lucky’s Last Chance, who served up their PB & Bacon Burger. That, as simply stated by the name, was made up of peanut butter, bacon, and homemade jelly.

Burger Brawl was a lot of fun. Aside from the fact that I ate myself into an almost painful burger coma, this event was the perfect celebration of one of my favorite foods. So many delicious burgers were made and there were also a lot of familiar faces hanging out, whether to cook or eat. Can’t wait until next year!

For a full list of the brawl’s burgers, check out Michael Klein’s roundup on Philly.com.

Here are a few other shots from the event:






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  1. A & J says:

    I need more info on this peanut butter/jelly/bacon burger. It looks ridiculous(ly good) but I’m having trouble imagining how it would be everyone’s favorite. Thoughts?

    • brian says:

      I had a hard time believing it was everyone’s favorite. I like the burgers Lucky’s makes a lot, but I that one was certainly not my favorite at the event.

  2. Jay says:

    Been to Cedar Point yet? I had the cheeseburger there the other night, and I remember it as being good and being cooked to a perfect medium rare, but ummmmm, I wouldn’t actually want to ‘officially’ review it until I can try it again.

    Had it close to midnight Monday night, and I was celebrating my new job which will start in September; and at about 9 beers in over the course of the evening, I wouldn’t necessarily rely on my usual failproof judgment at that point. Heh.

    I will try it again though, just to be sure!

    It’s that new-ish place in Fishtown (from the A Full Plate folks, I think?), at the intersection of Norris, Susquehanna and Cedar.

    • brian says:

      Congrats on the new job! I’ve been once to Cedar Point, but not yet had their burger. Hope to have it on the patio one of these nice days!

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