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My days as a Fishtown resident are unfortunately coming to an end. Fortunately, I was able to stop into Cedar Point one last time (hopefully not) before I move out.

I ordered the burger, despite all temptations to order the fried chicken & waffles. The burger is made from grass fed beef and then topped with pimiento aioli, Herdsman cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, and tomato. It’s served on a perfectly sized brioche bun from Baker Street in Chestnut Hill. The burger was perfectly cooked to medium-rare with a nicely charred exterior. It was very juicy and tasted great. Accompanying the burger was a generous portion of housecut regular and sweet potato fries. These were seasoned perfectly and had some crispy sweet potato fries (some places’ sweet potato fries don’t crisp too well).

As my days wind down here, I’m going to have to come back again for another burger while I sit on the deck with a beer in my favorite Philly neighborhood.

ps. The lady ended up getting the lobster mac and cheese on special, which was incredible. If that’s on special again, get it!

Cedar Point Bar & Kitchen
2370 E Norris St.
Philadelphia, PA 19125

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  1. Jay says:

    Sorry to hear you’re leaving. I’m starting a new job up in North Jersey in 10 days, but I’m going to maintain residences in both places (primary in Philadelphia). I hope to ‘move on up’ (or, technically, down?) to Fishtown in four years, when I should be able to buy my first (and last!) home.

    It would make much more sense for me to just live up by work in Newark for 25 years until I retire, then move back down here after that, but I just can’t bear leaving Philadelphia again. Did it once before, and that was one time too many.


    Glad you enjoyed the burger at Cedar Point. I still haven’t made it back to try it sober. I’ll have to try and do that soon. The crab salad deviled eggs they had on as a special appetizer a few weeks ago were good, the last time I ate there, during their Maryland Crab Fest thing.

    The reuben was a miss, but the beer list is always good. I still need to get there on a good enough day to sit on the deck. “Good enough” to me = 57 degrees and cloudy with a slight breeze, but then again I’m a little weird. Hopefully, one weekend in October or November will fulfill those requirements.

    Best of luck wherever you end up, and remember that Fishtown will always be there for all of us!

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