four years and lots of other things

So much has happened in the last 7 months. I started working in Princeton instead of Philly. I also moved to another neighborhood of Philly, a neighborhood much closer to the suburbs. Being in Fox Chase, it’s going to require a lot more effort to get down to Center City to try other places. Having a much longer work commute and a hectic schedule, I just haven’t had a chance to eat some burgers and write. Unfortunately, I don’t see my schedule changing as much, as the commute and work take up more of my time than ever before. I’ll just have to eat and write when I can.

Last month on Saturday, October 5, bridges, burgers & beer turned four years old. You’re only hearing about this now cause I had some blog technical difficulties that I only got resolved within the past week or so. As I did last year, here’s a recap of the memorable burgers I’ve had in the past year:

Name: Lloyd Burger
Location: Lloyd – Philadelphia, PA
A simple, yet juicy and delicious burger from a Fishtown whiskey bar. Made with a custom blend from nearby Kissin Fresh Meats and served on a Metropolitan Bakery bun.

Name: Bifteki Burger
Location: Opa – Philadelphia, PA
Opa’s Bifteki Burger is a neat and tasty spin on traditional Greek bifteki. Feta crumbles are mixed into the Green Meadow Farm beef before getting topped with a cucumber, tomato, and dill relish. It’s also only $10!

Name: Burger
Location: Ela – Philadelphia, PA
As I didn’t think Chef Jason Cichonski was awesome already for having a cocktail list of Brand New songs, he goes and does this. He makes a tasty Asian flavored burger that’s infused with a sauce, thus giving it a raw/uncooked appearance. I assure you it’s cooked and tastes great.

Name: Cheeseburger
Location: Johnny Brenda’s – Philadelphia, PA
A delicious burger from one of my all-time favorite music venues.

Name: Penrose Burger
Location: The Penrose – New York, NY
A super simple LaFrieda blend burger that packs a lot of flavor. One of the best burgers I’ve had in New York City.

Name: Butcher Burger
Location: Butcher & Singer – Philadelphia, PA
I had dinner next to Pat LaFrieda that night. One of my most memorable experiences of last year. Made with LaFrieda’s “Blend 5” mix and absolutely delicious.

Name: Burger
Location: Cedar Point Bar and Kitchen – Philadelphia, PA
One of the places that make me miss Fishtown a lot. Cedar Point has a tasty grass fed burger which you can enjoy on their deck! It also comes with a generous portion of housecut fries.

Name: Burgermeister Meisterburger
Location: Hop Angel Brauhaus – Philadelphia, PA
On first try I didn’t think it was all too great. After moving to the neighborhood I’ve gotten a chance to try it over and over again and it’s damn tasty! It’s also made with next door Rieker’s Prime Meats beef. This is a monster of a burger.


  1. Happy blog anniversary! Great burger round up.

  2. Jay says:

    I hit up Cedar Point every weekend, but only for a beer or two while I do my laundry across the street. I’ve had brunch a few times, as well (I like the creole baked egg thing), but haven’t had their burger since that first time, way back to almost the first week they opened, I think it was. I’ll have to try it again one of these months.

    I live in Fishtown now, although I don’t get to spend much time here for the moment. Around about March or April, my situation will change and I’ll be able to get home more, but until then I’m still stuck up in North Jersey near my new job in Elizabeth four and a half days a week.

    Newark and Elizabeth are cool cities, but they’re certainly not anywhere near the same league as Philadelphia, my favorite city in the world!

    Congrats on the blogiversary, and keep the posts coming as you’re able…

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