white rose system – small burgers

Name: Small burgers
Location: White Rose System, 201 E 1st Ave, Roselle, NJ 07203
Protein: Beef (looked freshly formed with rough edges)
Bun: Regular white
Toppings: Chopped, grilled onion, American cheese
Burger to Bun Ratio: A little more bread than meat.
Accompaniments: Crinkle cut fries, pickles
Price: $6.64 (for the combo, 2 small burgers + fries + 12 oz. shake)

Notes, etc.: These had a steamed quality to it, just like a White Castle slider, though these were a bit larger. I would have liked more beef for the amount of bun, but it was still tasty. $6.64 for steamed, griddled burgers with fries and a shake is an awesome deal.

They also had regular sized burgers which, I believe, were served on kaiser rolls. Anyone know if these are steamed as well?

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  1. Jay says:

    Have never been to that one yet, but I work right next door in Elizabeth. Probably the only still-existing North / Central Jersey classic slider joint I haven’t been to yet. One in Linden just closed a year or so ago. White Manna in Hackensack still sets the bar. Jersey City’s White Mana is okay, but not worth going out of the way for, especially if you can make it to Hackensack or (see below) Clark.

    I’ll get there sooner or later, I suppose. I’ve been to White Diamond in Clark, just off Exit 135 on the Parkway, about 4 times over the past six weeks. Double cheeseburger, plain, on the small white roll (the kaiser just doesn’t work as a burger bun, if you ask me – too hard, chewy and bready) is close to perfection.

    Those Roselle burgers look like Charlie’s in Folsom…

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