village whiskey, round 2

Last week, I finally made my second trip to Village Whiskey. During my first visit to Village Whiskey, I unfortunately didn’t get to try the duck fat fries and the Whiskey King burger.

I was having a pretty awful day…so in an attempt to feel better, I indulged in the duck fat fries and the Whiskey King burger (pictured above).

duck fat fries

The fries were tasty with a good crispness to them. I didn’t dare bother dipping them in the ketchup as I find ketchup and fries together to be a sin, unless they’re really subpar fries that only ketchup can save.

The burger I got the last time was fantastic, but this one just completely blew that one out of the water. Can there possibly be more flavor than the burger I ordered last time? Yes, yes there can. Everything was delish…the beef, foie gras, the sharpness of the bleu cheese, sweetness of the cipollinis…ahhh foodgasm. You honestly have to try this. It’s a little steep at the price of $26, but if you’ve never tried it, it’s worth the investment!

Post meal I was in a food coma for maybe almost 2 hours…but ohhh was it worth it…

Village Whiskey
118 S 20th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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