dark horse pub

I finally joined a couple of friends for their weekly quizzo outing at Dark Horse Pub. Since I didn’t eat much all day, I got there early so I could grab some dinner.

The Dark Horse Burger comes with a choice of 2 toppings and fries. I ordered mine medium rare with gorgonzola and caramelized onions and asked to add curry to the fries (on a friend’s recommendation). It tasted good and satisfied my craving for a burger, though I feel that it wasn’t cooked evenly. Some parts were a little bit dry (see cross section). What I did enjoy the most though, were those fries! They’re so delicious that you probably don’t need to curry them but trust me, it’s worth it. The curry fries themselves are reason for me to come out again for quizzo!

Dark Horse Pub
421 S. 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147



Prior to this sandwich, I’ve only had a roast pork sandwich from Tony Luke’s. I didn’t think it was bad, but it also didn’t blow me away. This past weekend I was showing some out of town family around the city and I felt that they had to try a roast pork sandwich before they left. This led us to DiNic’s in the Reading Terminal Market. Part of the reason I chose DiNic’s is because I still haven’t had one from here and it’s said to be one of the best in the city, if not the best.

The traditional roast pork sandwich, I believe, has sharp provolone and broccoli rabe. That’s exactly what I got, nothing more. It tasted good, but I didn’t feel like it lived up to the hype. I do believe though that these sandwiches are incredible. I should also say that prior to getting my sandwich, I noticed they were “reloading” the container with new pork, so maybe the pork in my sandwich didn’t quite have enough time to soak.

So far The Schmitter and cheesesteak are still my first choices for sandwiches in this city. I will keep trying these though, because I have hope these are incredible.

Reading Terminal Market
1136 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Thanks to some bridges in the area I had to take a look at, I was finally able to stop into PBandU. PBandU is a peanut butter “cafe” located in Wayne, PA. They serve all different kinds of peanut butter sandwiches with all sorts of mix-ins. In addition to that, they serve peanut butter smoothies and peanut butter pizza!


I ordered the sliders since I could try three different sandwiches. They sliders are served on LeBus bread. The three I got were peanut butter, apple, and cheddar; peanut butter, bananas, bacon, and honey; and peanut butter, nutella, fluff, and M&M’s. I had the option of having the bread slightly toasted and went with it. The sandwiches were pretty good. My favorite was the nutella, fluff, and M&M one. Only complaint was that I felt the bread was slightly stale or getting there.

peanut butter, bacon, cheddar, pickle

My coworker went with a peanut butter, bacon, cheddar, and pickle sandwich. He enjoyed it. Huge thanks for him having an open mind and being willing to go to a peanut butter shop for lunch. Most guys in this profession aren’t exactly gung ho about eating at places like this.

It’s a pretty neat place, especially if you’re a peanut butter lover. I’d like to try one of the pizzas or smoothies next time.

Anyone ever been? Thoughts?

163 East Lancaster Avenue
Wayne, PA 19087

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philadelphia soft pretzels, inc.

I haven’t looked too hard to find a pretzel shop in Philly that isn’t called Philly Pretzel Factory. I’m aware places exist, but they’re definitely not easy to come across even though they should be, right?

One of my coworkers brought me to this place, Philadelphia Soft Pretzels, Inc. close to the Hunting Park neighborhood. It’s one of those places you didn’t know existed, as it’s nestled between row homes and warehouses.

The pretzels were cheap, hot, and fresh out of the oven. There’s a table with different kinds of mustard to use if that’s your thing. Apparently, if you get there even earlier, you can get em right off of the belt! Hands down this was better than Philly Pretzel Factory.

Have any of you ever been? Do you also know of any other small places like this that are a little closer to Center City? I’m definitely curious to know!

Philadelphia Soft Pretzels, Inc.
4315 N 3rd St
Philadelphia, PA 19140


philly foodspotting hot dog crawl – august 2011

Last Tuesday was the Philly Foodspotting Hot Dog Crawl. We had three restaurants on the crawl along South Street. The crawl started off at Brauhaus Schmitz where Chef Jeremy Nolen cooked up some wurst sandwiches featuring Käsewurst, a sausage made from pork and cheese. The wurst sandwiches came with a choice of side. I went with the potato salad (shown below).

kasewurst sandwich

the big kahuna

The second location was Hot Diggity. There were several choices for dogs here, even though Owner Keith Garabedian wanted to feature three dogs for the crawl. The three dogs featured were The Seattle Grunge (garlic cream cheese, scallions, tomato, and red onion), The Big Kahuna (habanero aioli, pineapple salsa, grilled red onion, and guava mustard), and The Saigon Fusion (Thai chili vinaigrette, sriracha, carrots, house pickled cucumber, cilantro, red onion, and jalapeno).

The third and final location on the crawl was Supper. Chef Mitch Prensky offered us his brunch availability only Supper Dog (pictured at the very top). Prensky’s dog is made up of a bacon wrapped, 100% house ground pork shoulder topped with kraut, bbq onions, beer mustard and served on a housebaked bun.

Thanks to all the restaurants for accommodating us and everyone who made it out. It was truly an awesome time and has been our largest crawl so far!

Check out the Foodspotting guide here.

Here are some other photos from the crawl:

the saigon fusion

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