sahara grill

A couple weeks ago I joined a Lebanese friend and another for dinner at Sahara Grill in Center City Philadelphia.

I let my friend order the appetizers and we started off with a fattoush salad and pita with hummus and baba ganoush.

This was the first time I had fattoush. The fried pita pieces with the greens and veggies tasted pretty good together. Soft and warm pita arrived at the table with homemade hummus and baba ganoush. The hummus was pretty fantastic as well as the baba ganoush. I’m still trying to warm up to baba ganoush though, since I’m a recent eggplant convert. I’ll always choose hummus over baba ganoush anyday.

I was craving falafel all week so my entree choice was a no brainer, the falafel platter. The falafel was cooked perfectly too..the inside was perfectly moist and the outside had a nice crisp. They served it alongside a salad, tahini, and more of that delicious hummus!

If only I could produce the same results making falafel at home..

Sahara Grill
1334 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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