misconduct tavern – misconduct burger

President’s Day was a good day. I had the day off from work, I was able to meet up with friends for lunch, and I was able to have a burger for lunch. That burger, however, was my last before going vegetarian for Lent for the third time.

The Misconduct Burger is made up of house ground Prime Angus beef. It comes topped with lettuce, tomato, and onion between a challah roll. My modifications/additions were caramelized onions instead of the raw and Fourme D’Ambert blue cheese.

The meat was cooked to medium rare and was super juicy. The challah bread was an excellent alternative to the brioche I’ve been often seeing on burgers. I love blue cheese on my burgers and this one was great, though it was different than any blue I’ve ever had on a burger. The Fourme D’Ambert was a slice instead of crumbles and had a much creamier, almost brie like texture to it. The accompanying fries were also tasty.

Not a bad last burger to have before the fast! Also, I got $3.50 off for Burger Monday, which I believe is a new special they started!

Misconduct Tavern
1511 Locust St.
Philadelphia, PA 19102

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standard tap – standard burger

I’ve been to Standard Tap several times for beer. Not just because it’s in my hood, but also because they always have a great selection of brews on tap. They also have food, and last weekend, I finally got around to trying their burger, the Standard Burger.

The Standard Burger consists of jack cheese, sauteed mushrooms, grilled onion, and lettuce. It sits between a standard bun and comes with a side of ketchup, fries, and pickle slices.

Let’s talk about the good. The burger itself was cooked to medium rare, tasted great, and was juicy. The fries were so tasty that I had a flashback to when I used to down McDonald’s fries like deep fried crack in my adolescence.

Now the let-downs. The burger to bun ratio was quite far from 1:1. Towards the end of the burger, me AND my other dining companions all had large pieces of burgerless bun at the end. Besides the ratio, the bun was way too bready and lacked a slight airiness/lightness that the bun should have. Another underwhelming factor was the toppings. I personally don’t think jack cheese is a good burger cheese and it also wasn’t quite melted enough. The ring of onions used was just a cross section that was grilled as is. This led to several onionless bites and some bites with too much onion. Lastly, there wasn’t much adding more moisture to the burger. The aforementioned juicy burger wasn’t enough to add to the lack of moisture in the toppings.

I’ll definitely be back at Standard Tap for it’s chill vibe, great beer selection, and awesome fries…not so much for their burger.

Standard Tap
901 N. 2nd St.
Philadelphia, PA 19123

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the wishing well – the shame burger

Last weekend a friend‘s wife gave him the boot for the day for a “ladies day” or whatever you want to call it. We ended up hanging out that day on a mission to have a better time than them! That Saturday, we ate a multi-course lunch, stopping at three places. The main stop was The Wishing Well for The SHAME Burger.

The SHAME Burger consists of a 10 oz. beef patty, a 1/2″ brick of homemade scrapple, American cheese, and a fried egg. As usual, I ordered my burger medium rare. I’m not gunna lie, the burger looked intimidating. It was one of the more meaty tasting burgers I’ve had lately. The burger was juicy, the scrapple had the crispy outside and soft inside, and the egg was perfectly runny. Shockingly, I did not feel as much shame as I thought after consumption!

If you’re feeling bold, The Wishing Well has The SHAME Burger from Hell Challenge! This challenge consists of TWO double SHAME Burgers. That’s 4 10 oz. patties, 4 bricks of scrapple, 8 slices of American cheese, 4 fried eggs, 2 orders of fries, and 2 pints of beer. The time limit on the challenge is 45 minutes. Think you can do it?? I certainly cannot, nor do I wish to attempt it. I would like to see Marcos of Fidel Gastro give it a shot!

The Wishing Well
767 S. 9th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147

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the institute

The Institute has a new menu and with that new menu comes a great selection of burgers. They have one that features scrambled eggs and sriracha as well as one that features oyster mushrooms and goat cheese.

I went with their porter smoked burger which came with porter smoked gorgonzola and caramelized onions, cooked medium rare. The 8 oz. burger was served on a brioche bun and came with tots. The burger was juicy and was well complimented by the flavors of the gorgonzola and onions.

I’m more than a fan of this place as it has some tasty food (new menu plus THIS), great beers (had my first Canadian Breakfast Stout here), and friendly staff. It is also a couple blocks from Union Transfer, so I’m certain this is going to be my preshow bar.

The Institute
549 N. 12th St
Philadelphia, PA 19123

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fat head’s saloon

Last weekend was spent in Pittsburgh and on recommendation of several friends, I checked out Fat Head’s for lunch on Saturday.  My friends know me well, since they recommended a place with an awesome beer list and lots of food.

head hunter

The wait was almost an hour so to kill time I hung around and drank one of their house brews.  I started with the Head Hunter.  The Head Hunter is a 7% abv IPA which was quite tasty.  Once we were seated, I ordered another one of their house beers, this time the Happy Holidays.  I really enjoyed this one.  It was a delicious spiced Christmas ale.  At the time, they only had three house brews available, the Head Hunter, Happy Holidays, and Kulmbacher.

the southside slopes

I stared at the menu for a while trying to figure out what I wanted to eat.  I sure was hungry but damn were there so much to choose from.  Their menu has several burgers, melts, salads, and headwiches to choose from.  Yup, they’re named headwiches since they’re pretty massive sandwiches.  I decided on The Southside Slopes which was a sandwich consisting of kielbasa, fried pierogies, American cheese, grilled onions, and horseradish.  The sandwich came out with a very generous helping of homemade chips.  I found the Southside Slopes to be just alright.  Maybe I overhyped it in my head?  It wasn’t terrible though.  I’m convinced that if I return to Fat Head’s and have several drinks everything on the menu would be a great decision.  I do want to try some of their other headwiches too.

Fat Head’s Saloon
1805 East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
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