fat head’s saloon

Last weekend was spent in Pittsburgh and on recommendation of several friends, I checked out Fat Head’s for lunch on Saturday.  My friends know me well, since they recommended a place with an awesome beer list and lots of food.

head hunter

The wait was almost an hour so to kill time I hung around and drank one of their house brews.  I started with the Head Hunter.  The Head Hunter is a 7% abv IPA which was quite tasty.  Once we were seated, I ordered another one of their house beers, this time the Happy Holidays.  I really enjoyed this one.  It was a delicious spiced Christmas ale.  At the time, they only had three house brews available, the Head Hunter, Happy Holidays, and Kulmbacher.

the southside slopes

I stared at the menu for a while trying to figure out what I wanted to eat.  I sure was hungry but damn were there so much to choose from.  Their menu has several burgers, melts, salads, and headwiches to choose from.  Yup, they’re named headwiches since they’re pretty massive sandwiches.  I decided on The Southside Slopes which was a sandwich consisting of kielbasa, fried pierogies, American cheese, grilled onions, and horseradish.  The sandwich came out with a very generous helping of homemade chips.  I found the Southside Slopes to be just alright.  Maybe I overhyped it in my head?  It wasn’t terrible though.  I’m convinced that if I return to Fat Head’s and have several drinks everything on the menu would be a great decision.  I do want to try some of their other headwiches too.

Fat Head’s Saloon
1805 East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
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south philadelphia tap room

It took me way too long to get down here. I’ve always heard great things about the food Chef Scott Schroeder makes. He also tweets photos of his food and it always looks awesome. For example, there’s the grilled cheese & tomato soup and the extremely rare chicken fried cheesesteak. After seeing these, you’re probably wondering why it took me so long to go.

Grilled cheese in mind, I made my way down after work yesterday. To my surprise, an insert was handed out in addition to the regular menu which included Scott’s Dogs, hot dogs which will soon be served from a cart in a collaboration with Southwark Chef Nick Macri, an appetizer of “mexican construction worker style headcheese tacos”, and “my grandmom’s tomato and mayonnaise sandwich”. Whoa! If you follow Scott on Twitter, you have definitely seen him talk about a simple sandwich of tomato and mayo. I never thought it was weird, but I certainly have never had or heard of it. It certainly intrigued me. After I saw that Scott was offering this on the menu, I had no choice but to order it. I had to see what all the fuss was about. The sandwich (pictured above) is made from Lancaster county tomatoes, white bread, and mayo and is accompanied by a side of fries, salad, or pasta salad. It was freaking delicious. I would ramble on more, but my words honestly don’t do it any justice. You HAVE to make it down here.

grilled cheese & tomato soup

One of the three of us did get the grilled cheese and she was kind enough to let me try a piece. That was quite fantastic too. If I had a couple more beers in me, there’s no doubt in my mind I would have ordered a grilled cheese too. I also tried one of the headcheese tacos which was tasty. They had quite the spice kick!

mexican construction worker style headcheese tacos

I will definitely be back. The place has a chill vibe, the beer selection is good, and Scott’s food rocks. I also have unfinished business (grilled cheese/tomato soup, the burger, Scott’s Dogs, and a chicken fried cheesesteak…if I get lucky).

If you think it’s too far to get to it’s only a couple blocks northwest of the Snyder stop on the Broad Street Line. Do it.

South Philadelphia Tap Room
1509 Mifflin Street
Philadelphia, PA 19145

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hulmeville inn/bourbon barrel aged flying fish exit 13

A couple of weeks ago I finally made my way over to the Hulmeville Inn, a Langhorne/Feasterville area bar known for it’s great selection of craft beers. It was one of the last days I’d be up in the area, so me and some friends figured why not!

They recently opened up their backyard beer garden too! Me and my friends sat back here initally until we found out we could only order cans though. Anything draft would have to be ordered inside. The following is why we decided to move inside…

I honestly didn’t think I was ever going to try this. It was available at Philadelphia Bar and Restaurant during Prohibition Repeal Day and also at Monk’s for a tap takeover on a Monday. I almost took off to try it on that Monday too. After missing both opportunities, I pretty much had given up hope of trying it. Luckily for me, the Hulmeville Inn had an Exit Series night the day before I went.

My friend proceeded to order a pitcher of the Bourbon Barrel Aged Flying Fish Exit 13 even though I told him I just wanted a glass and that’s all. Not that I was complaining of course. The barrel aged Exit 13 had a much stronger flavor and was pretty delicious. I’m glad I was able to try it without going too out of my way to get it. The barrel aged Exit 13 was also kicked fairly quickly after that pitcher was poured.

I’m not sure when I’ll return to the Hulmeville Inn since it’s definitely out of my way but if you’re in the burbs and need a place to go for beer, check it out. They certainly have a great selection of craft beers available and if I were in the area, I’m sure this would easily be my go to spot.

Hulmeville Inn
4 Trenton Road
Hulmeville, PA 19047

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the food trust night market 2011

Last Thursday, The Food Trust held their second annual night market. This year, it was held in University City and featured a beer garden for Philly Beer Week. Several food trucks and vendors lined the perimeter of the parking lot while the beer stands and other restaurants had tables in the center.

smoked kielbasa

I showed up an hour from opening and several food trucks/vendors already had some pretty long lines. The pops and sis waited in the line for Guapos Tacos, the longest line there, while I wandered around to find some other stuff to try.

blt hot dog

The Dapper Dog‘s menu caught my eye and I immediately waited in line as soon as I saw their menu. I ordered a BLT hot dog with spicy mayo and smoked kielbasa with jalapeno relish & spicy mayo. Both of these were pretty damn good.

Tyson Bees had a good line forming as well. Later on in the evening I was able to enjoy a pork belly bun during the torrential downpour.

chipotle short rib tacos

Thanks to the pop and sis, I did get to try Guapos Tacos. Don’t hate on me too much, but I thought they were just alright. The green chile chicken left me hanging as I felt that it needed much more. The carnitas and short rib tacos were quite delicious though.

carnitas tacos

I heard that last year’s was pretty hectic and vendors even ran out of food. I think the night market was organized pretty well this year. If the thunderstorm didn’t come, I would have been able to hang out and eat a lot more! I’m definitely looking forward to next year’s.

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with love beer garden – philly beer week 2011

For Philly Beer Week 2011, the courtyard of the Four Seasons Hotel will be used as a beer garden from Monday, June 6, to Friday, June 10 thanks to the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation, Philly Beer Week, and the Four Seasons Hotel.

star beer of night one, victory’s summer love ale

Each night will feature a different local brewery. Last night’s brewery was Victory Brewing Company from Downingtown, PA. Tonight’s brewery will be Easton’s Weyerbacher brewery followed by Dock Street, Sly Fox, and Yards/Stoudt’s for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, respectively.

shrimp soft taco

The food menu had a couple of choices. The options were a Philly Beef Slider (consisting of a beef patty plus Taylor pork roll, American cheese, and grilled onions), a Port Richmond Keilbasa sandwich, chicken wings, a shrimp soft taco, and a soft pretzel. I was able to take some photos of the other food though my choice was the slider…how could you not order it?! The slider was delicious. It was cooked perfectly and kept it’s juiciness. Oh, and did I mention that it had pork roll on it?!

philly beef slider

Of course, a Philly food event would not go without running into some familiar faces!

my favorite geekadelphia-ns

To finish off the evening, Franklin Fountain was serving up scoops of their strawberry/Victory Summer Love Ale ice cream! It was quite delicious.

I had an awesome time yesterday! If it wasn’t for a super busy schedule the next couple days I would definitely try to stop by. Do it!

ps. If you check-in with Foursquare or Facebook you get a can koozie!

Four Seasons Hotel
One Logan Square
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103-6933

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