vosges haut chocolat/brooklyn brewery tasting

Due to some (easy) convincing/pressuring from Meg at Runner’s Kitchen, I gave in and got myself a ticket to go to the Vosges Haut Chocolat/Brooklyn Brewery tasting at the Vosges boutique in SoHo.

The night started with a couple hors d’oeuvres:

prosciutto, arugula, fig & butter on a baguette

dark chocolate w/ chorizo on a baguette

Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster Garrett Oliver was in attendance and spoke about the brewery as well as the featured beers in the tasting.

rosey caramel w/ brooklyn local 1

Brooklyn Local 1 – Belgian Strong Pale Ale
Rosey Caramel – dark chocolate caramel w/ rose water, pink peppercorns, and red rose petal

tarte caramel w/ brooklyn local 2

Brooklyn Local 2 – Belgian Strong Dark Ale
Tarte Caramel – dark chocolate caramel w/ blood orange, hibiscus, and campari

red fire tortilla chip w/ brooklyn ipa

Brooklyn IPA – East India Pale Ale
Red Fire Tortilla Chip – organic corn tortilla chip in milk chocolate w/ ancho chilis

blues truffle w/ brooklyn black ops

Brooklyn Black Ops – Russian Imperial Stout
Blues Truffle – milk chocolate with applewood smoked bacon

My favorite was the Local 2 & tarte caramel pairing, followed by the Black Ops and Blues truffle.

Huge thanks to Maggie Marion of Vosges and Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn Brewery. The event was a lot of fun and I’ll definitely be checking the website for new events.

Check out Meg’s recap of the tasting at Runner’s Kitchen.

Vosges Haut Chocolat
132 Spring Street
New York, NY 10012

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3rd annual belgian bierfeesten

Last Saturday I attended the 3rd Annual Belgian Bierfeesten at World Cafe Live in West Philly. I’ve never been inside World Cafe Live before, though I’ve been meaning to make it to shows here. The event was held downstairs on the basement floor. There was a band playing on stage, seven tables on the lower floor with different types of Belgian beers, and the food and bar on the upper…or…entrance floor if you will.

This is the first “alcohol-driven” event/tasting I’ve gone to. By that I mean I normally attend food tastings where restaurants have tables set up with their food. Belgian Bierfeesten was similar, but I guess my expectations were a little different. Regardless, I had a great time. They had a decent amount of beers to try. It was also great to try a lot of the different kinds of Belgian beer available. I particularly liked the strong ales.

The food was pretty good. They served Belgian fries w/ a Chimay Truffle sauce, venison berry sausage in a Westmalle Tripel gravy, and mussels just to name a few.

During the last 45 minutes, a squirrel had a fight with a transformer and they lost power. Fortunately, the band stopped playing (I wasn’t too into them plus I could now have a conversation with my friend w/o yelling), beer kept being served, and the emergency exit double doors gave enough light to see everything fairly well.

I had a good time and just might go again next year!

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beer: flying fish exit 16 – wild rice double ipa

Finally, my first beer post, kind of. Now, I’m not a beer snob, nor do I have the tongue to point out all the little subtleties from one beer to the next, as well as proper usage of the lingo used by beer fanatics/connoisseurs alike (I’d like to at some point though).

Anyway, I picked this up the other day. Flying Fish Exit 16 – Wild Rice Double IPA. From my previous experiences, I never quite got into IPA’s. Not entirely sure why, maybe I find them a tad too hoppy for my personal preferences? But, I enjoyed this one for sure!

This Exit Series is pretty neat, a different beer for each exit on the NJ Turnpike. Yes, I am a Jersey boy…Exit 9 what what!

Check out Flying Fish Brewery here.

Read more about Flying Fish’s Exit Series here.

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st. bernardus

As I was at the liquor store doing some party shopping, I came across this by the checkout…a St. Bernardus variety/gift pack! Abbey ales are probably my favorite and I really enjoy this beer, thanks to my friend Mike who introduced me to it a few years ago. Since then, I’ve only seen Abt 12 (blue label) for sale at stores and I’ve tried the Christmas ale at an Easton, PA restaurant a few years ago.

I’m so glad I picked this up. It’s got the glass, and three other varieties I haven’t tried yet!

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