good dog – good dog burger

Ever since I moved down to the area two years ago, everyone has told me that the Good Dog Burger is one of the burgers that I’ve gotta try. After an unnecessarily long wait, I got my chance last weekend.

The Good Dog Burger consists of a 1/2 pound, Roquefort stuffed sirloin patty topped with caramelized onions on a toasted brioche bun. The burger is accompanied with a generous helping of their hand cut Yukon Gold & sweet potato fries and aioli.

I ordered it medium-rare and it was cooked to perfection. It was a good burger but the previous hype made me wanting more than what I received. I think if there wasn’t any hype around the burger I would have enjoyed it more. The fries and aioli are pretty tasty, too.

Good Dog
224 S 15th St
Philadelphia, PA 19102

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lucky old souls – los burger

Lucky Old Souls is one of the new food trucks to pop up within the past couple months. It used to be a jazz radio show and is now a jazz playing burger truck! The truck also features awesome art done by friend/local artist, Sara Selepouchin, of girls can tell.

Their menu has burgers made from Rineer Family Farms grass fed beef or homemade veggie patties. The burgers are cooked to a medium and are served on a Wild Flour Bakery challah bun. There are several different toppings/cheeses offered, including smoked blue!

I went with the LOS Burger which has housemade bacon, smoked cheddar, pickled tomatoes, sauteed onions, and LOS sauce. The flavors were really good. The meat, however, was a little on the dry side. I’d be willing to give the LOS Burger another shot, especially because it would be great if the meat was juicier.

I also tried the maple black pepper milkshake. This was pretty fantastic. Consistency was just right, not too thick and not too runny. The sweet flavor of vanilla and maple was balanced by the bite of the black pepper.

The Lucky Old Souls truck can be found at Love Park at lunchtime on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

Lucky Old Souls
Love Park
Corner of JFK Blvd. & 16th St.
Philadelphia, PA

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kraftwork – kraftwork burger

I’ve been eyeing up the Kraftwork Burger every time I’ve come into Kraftwork. Since I’ve been having a burger a week lately, I ordered one for brunch last weekend.

The Kraftwork Burger consists of a dry aged blend of beef, lettuce, pickles, and a choice of cheese/topping (additional cheese/toppings are 50ยข extra). I ordered mine medium-rare with a Port Reyes blue and bacon-red onion marmalade. This burger was crazy juicy. Immediately after the first bite, the juices ran all over and down my hand. The bacon-red onion marmalade was a pretty good substitute for caramelized onions. In addition to the saltiness of the bacon, the red onions are caramelized and have a touch of sweetness. The burger is accompanied with tasty fries and a porter mustard aioli. My only complaint is that the burger to bun ratio wasn’t close to equal. I had a bite or two of burgerless bun at the end. Definitely a burger worth ordering again though.

541 E Girard Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19125

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village whiskey, round 2

Last week, I finally made my second trip to Village Whiskey. During my first visit to Village Whiskey, I unfortunately didn’t get to try the duck fat fries and the Whiskey King burger.

I was having a pretty awful day…so in an attempt to feel better, I indulged in the duck fat fries and the Whiskey King burger (pictured above).

duck fat fries

The fries were tasty with a good crispness to them. I didn’t dare bother dipping them in the ketchup as I find ketchup and fries together to be a sin, unless they’re really subpar fries that only ketchup can save.

The burger I got the last time was fantastic, but this one just completely blew that one out of the water. Can there possibly be more flavor than the burger I ordered last time? Yes, yes there can. Everything was delish…the beef, foie gras, the sharpness of the bleu cheese, sweetness of the cipollinis…ahhh foodgasm. You honestly have to try this. It’s a little steep at the price of $26, but if you’ve never tried it, it’s worth the investment!

Post meal I was in a food coma for maybe almost 2 hours…but ohhh was it worth it…

Village Whiskey
118 S 20th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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