burger bros. – cheeseburger

A few weekends ago, I ended up in Towson, Maryland with my family for my brother’s track meet. Needing pre-meet lunch, we found this place nearby that had burgers! Burger Bros. is a small burger joint not far from the craziness that is the Towson Town Center. Their menu is pretty simple, offering burgers made from either beef, turkey, or portabella mushrooms, chicken sandwiches, Vienna hot dogs, and a few other things.

I ordered a cheeseburger. Their cheeseburger is made up of a 6 oz. patty of Angus beef, topped with your choice of cheese (I went with American). Similar to a Five Guys, they have a huge list of toppings you can choose from. I simply added lettuce, tomato, and a little bit of diced onion. They grill their burgers over a charcoal grill and you can taste that great chargrilled flavor on the meat. They don’t ask you how you want your burger cooked, but it was cooked well but not dry at all. The fresh bun was toasted and held together to the meat and other ingredients. We also ordered a bucket of fries to share. These were housecut and absolutely delicious. Definitely bookmarking Burger Bros. for the next time I’m in the Towson area.


Burger Bros.
14 Allegheny Ave.
Towson, MD 21204

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lloyd – lloyd burger

Not even 6 months old and just down the street is Lloyd, a whiskey bar along Girard Avenue in Fishtown. I’ve only been once or twice for drinks, but have been meaning to come in ever since I found out they have a burger. Having said that, even though they’re known as Lloyd Whiskey Bar, they have a couple taps, a cocktail list, and a moderately sized menu.

The Lloyd Burger is made up of a custom beef blend from nearby Kissin Fresh Meats topped with Muenster cheese, pickled red onion, lettuce, tomato, and bread & butter pickles. All of that is placed between a toasted Metropolitan Bakery brioche bun. You have the option of accompanying fries or greens and the addition of bacon for an extra buck.

It was cooked perfectly to medium-rare. The pickled red onion added a pleasant tangy and sweet taste. The toasted brioche was fresh and held up to the juicy, flavorful burger. The burger was fairly simple, with the pickled red onion being the “fanciest” ingredient, however, it was done well. The only non-positive thing I can say is that the burger is just a bit small for the bun. There were one, maybe two small bites of bun without burger at the end. Really, it was so small that it’s not something to pick at. I enjoyed it quite a bit. The generous portion of accompanying fries were also seasoned well and tasted great.

My friend and I also tried the bacon chicken liver mousse appetizer which also tasted great. Will definitely be coming back to eat here.

529 E Girard Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19125

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opa – bifteki burger

Opa’s Bifteki Burger has been on my list for at least a year. Working so close to Opa and having forgotten a lunch on numerous occasions, there is really no reason why I didn’t get a chance to try it until last week.

The Bifteki Burger is Opa’s Greek spin on a burger. Bifteki, if you’re not familiar with Greek cuisine, is like Greek meatballs/burgers. I say meatballs/burgers because breadcrumbs are added to the mix, thus giving it more of a meatball texture and instead of being cooked in the oven like meatballs, these are often cooked on grills. Bifteki is also served on its own, without a bun.

At Opa, the Bifteki Burger is made up of a Green Meadow Farm beef & feta crumble mixture which is topped with a cucumber, tomato & dill relish. It’s sandwiched between a LeBus brioche bun and served with a generous portion of house cut oregano fries and a side of ketchup.

The burger was cooked medium and wasn’t dripping with juices. It was, however, very flavorful and tasty. The small pieces of feta added an almost creamy texture with some tangy flavors. The accompanying fries were also tasty. Not a traditional burger at all but this Greek version of one is done well! Also, the burger comes at a $10 price tag which I found to be very fair. How many good burgers have you had that have been $10 or below? More than a handful of burgers I’ve had in the past couple have been over $10, and not all of them were worth breaking the $10 mark.

1311 Sansom St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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drake tavern – bacon, ranch & cheddar burger

Last weekend was another brunch day in the burbs. Being close to Jenkintown, I tried one of Drake Tavern’s seven burgers.

The Black Angus burger comes topped with (obviously) bacon, ranch, and cheddar. In addition to those, it sits on top of lettuce and a bed of fried onion strings. It’s sandwiched between a LeBus bun and served with pickle chips and Brew City fries. I later learned that Brew City fries was the name given to their beer battered fries as they have regular fries, too.

The burger was cooked right to medium-rare. It wasn’t particularly dry, but it wasn’t super juicy either. It was, however, pretty large and a good size for the fresh baked, flaky LeBus bun. The burger was alright and filled a craving but could have been better. My favorite part was the fried onion strings. Those things were good! I would have preferred a juicier burger, meltier cheese, and a smidge more ranch (the burger needed more moisture of some sort). The fries needed a little bit more, too.

They have a couple other burgers on the menu that sounded good. Perhaps I’ll try one of those next time!

Drake Tavern
304 Old York Rd.
Jenkintown, PA 19046

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hop angel brauhaus – burgermeister meisterburger

I’ve been spending a lot of my time in the Fox Chase area of Philadelphia lately and more particularly really close to Hop Angel Brauhaus. When I first saw it in the vicinity, I remembered that they had this wild looking burger on their menu. This past weekend for Sunday brunch, I had the Burgermeister Meisterburger.

This burger definitely looks deserving of its meister title. It’s huge. The 10 oz. patty is made from next door neighbor, Reiker’s Prime Meats‘s ground beef. It’s served on top of HAB sauce and a bed of crispy fried onions then topped with shredded smoked gouda, ham, and a fried egg. All of this is then sandwiched between a Holmesburg Bakery bun. The Meisterburger is accompanied by a healthy serving of tasty housecut fries and a side of ketchup.

There were some good and some not so good things. The burger looked awesome when it came to the table. I couldn’t wait to dig in. It’s huge and this burger certainly won’t leave you hungry. As I started to eat the burger, I noticed my medium-rare burger was overcooked to medium-well. There was very little pink and a slight lack of juiciness. I felt the toppings were great additions to the burger. The HAB sauce was similar to a thousand island and the fried egg was perfectly runny. The ham was something I haven’t quite experienced on a burger before but it seemed to work. I loved the texture and taste the crispy onions added. Unfortunately, the tasty locally baked bun was too fragile to hold up to the large burger, as the last quarter of the burger fell apart in my hands onto the plate. Fortunately, the burger to bun ratio was perfect. Every bite had a good amount of burger in it!

I’m sure I’ll be back again as I enjoyed my experience. Their menu offers other great sounding sandwiches, German food, and beer!

I should also mention, if you live in Center City and are looking to check this place out, it’s only a block from the Fox Chase train station!

Update 10/2013: I’ve been back to try this burger ever since I moved to the neighborhood and I must say it was delicious. The burger was cooked to medium-rare and was very juicy. The accompanying fries are perfectly seasoned and crispy.

Hop Angel Brauhaus
7980 Oxford Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19111

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