Not too long ago I had a burger dinner with friends, Vinny and Melissa, at Sketch in Fishtown. Sketch and it’s multicolored storefront are located on the north side of Girard Avenue, you can’t miss this place!

sweet potato fries

Melissa constantly talked about sweet potato fries and how superior they were, especially compared to regular fries. Lucky for us, Sketch’s sweet potato fries were on special that night. We started off with an order of those. I haven’t had sweet potato fries often, but these were pretty good. They were slightly crispy with a soft inside. It also came out with a chipotle sauce. Only bummer is that most of the fries were about an inch or less long. That made for annoying fry eating.

Sketch’s menu was pretty huge and I definitely took a little bit before I decided what to order. All the burgers are made with an 8 oz. patty and are served on a LeBus country white bun with shredded lettuce, tomato, and choice of sauce. I went with a medium rare beef burger with blue cheese, grilled onions, and chipotle sauce. A couple bites in, I realized that it was cooked more than medium rare. Luckily, the burger was still pretty juicy and tasty. Also, the bun held up pretty well and didn’t crumble apart into my container.

If you find yourself in Fishtown and are craving a burger, stop in at Sketch and check it out!

413 East Girard Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19125

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barbuzzo – barbuzzo burger

Me and friend/fellow blogger/burger lover Jess of Fries with that Shake have been meaning to meet for a burger lunch for well over a couple of months now. It never happened until last week. We both never had the Barbuzzo burger and decided this was the perfect place for the first of hopefully several burger lunches.

The Barbuzzo burger comes on a brioche bun topped with caciocavallo, crispy speck, and balsamic onion-tomato jam.

Both of us ordered ours medium-rare and it was served with rosemary fries and horseradish aioli. The burger was pretty tasty. The meat tasted great and was cooked perfectly. I really enjoyed the jam which added a pleasant sweetness to the burger. The fries were slightly salty, but I liked em.

Of course, a meal at Barbuzzo couldn’t end without…SALTED CARAMEL BUDINO. Yes, I split it (3 ways, other friend Jessie also joined us). I feel bad about it, but it was the only way I could afford such a pleasure for lunch!

110 S 13th St
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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dogfish head brewings & eats

This past weekend I went down with a friend to run in Dogfish Head‘s annual Dogfish Dash 5K which is held at their brewery in Milton, Delaware.

Since we’ve never been down to Dogfish Head, we wanted to make a weekend out of it and hang out at their brewery and brewpub, Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats, in Rehoboth Beach all day/night. The race was on Sunday and we arrived early afternoon on Saturday. We didn’t realize we needed to make reservations for brewery tours, so we canceled that plan and just went to the brewpub.

120 min ipa & repoterroir

The wait was about a half hour, so we grabbed our first round at the bar, some 120 Minute IPA and Repoterroir. Repoterroir is a collaboration session lager between Dogfish Head, Allagash, Avery, Lost Abbey, and Sierra Nevada. It was a super earthy beer and very enjoyable. Unfortunately, it was kicked by lunchtime on Sunday. Glad I got to try some Saturday though!

The appetizer we got was the Woodgrilled Wings which were covered with a Palo Santo Marron BBQ sauce!

lawnmower & chicory stout

Next round of beer was a Lawnmower and Chicory Stout. The Lawnmower was very reminiscent of Festina Peche, minus the peachiness.

fish tacos

The main dishes we ordered were the Fish Tacos and The Indulgence Burger. The tacos consisted of buttermilk fried dogfish, apple slaw, chipotle aioli, and cilantro. They were served with rice and beans. Really enjoyed the dogfish. It was pretty meaty since a dogfish is actually a type of shark. Anyone know where I can get some? I’d like to try cooking with it!

the indulgence burger


The Indulgence Burger comes topped with a beer battered onion ring, house made bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and onion. Unfortunately I didn’t really enjoy the burger. It was ordered medium rare but was a bit on the dry side. The fries were not a strong point either.

peanut butter vodka

During lunch a friend who’s visited Dogfish Head in the past texted me saying that I shouldn’t miss the peanut butter vodka if it’s available. So our next round? A shot of peanut butter vodka. This stuff was ridiculous (in the best way). The vodka had a cloudy color and smelled like fresh peanut butter. Upon smelling it, we decided we were going to sip and enjoy this instead of shooting it. You bet I savored every drop. I also left the brewpub with a full bottle purchase of this stuff. It’s that good.

The next half round was a shot of wasabi vodka split between us two. I wasn’t too keen on getting it but friend wanted to try so why not. This I did shoot, and it wasn’t that pleasant in my opinion.

The following round consisted of a flight of beers: Black & Red, Shelter Pale Ale, Tweason’ale, 75 Minute IPA (cask), and Chateau Jiahu.

crab & corn chowder

That concluded Saturday lunch and we picked up race packets before leaving. A much needed nap at the hotel happened before we attempted to come back to the brewpub for dinner. At that point though, the wait was three hours. Dinner at the brewpub did not happen Saturday night.

antelope sliders

Sunday morning after the Dogfish Dash at the brewery in Milton, we headed back for one last meal at the brewpub before heading home. The only round was their 75 Minute IPA on cask and Chicory Stout. The foods were the Crab & Corn Chowder, Antelope Sliders, and Fried Pickles. The standout dish here were the Antelope Sliders. They were slightly gamey but tasted great. The meat was cooked much better than the burger. It also came with grilled onions and a truffle aioli. That burger would have been incredible had they used antelope or cooked it the same way.

fried pickles

This weekend was such a great time. I’m totally coming back down and definitely signing up for the dash next year. I forgot to mention that I had a nice complimentary My Antonia post-race on Sunday!

Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats
320 Rehoboth Ave
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

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dark horse pub

I finally joined a couple of friends for their weekly quizzo outing at Dark Horse Pub. Since I didn’t eat much all day, I got there early so I could grab some dinner.

The Dark Horse Burger comes with a choice of 2 toppings and fries. I ordered mine medium rare with gorgonzola and caramelized onions and asked to add curry to the fries (on a friend’s recommendation). It tasted good and satisfied my craving for a burger, though I feel that it wasn’t cooked evenly. Some parts were a little bit dry (see cross section). What I did enjoy the most though, were those fries! They’re so delicious that you probably don’t need to curry them but trust me, it’s worth it. The curry fries themselves are reason for me to come out again for quizzo!

Dark Horse Pub
421 S. 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147


khyber pass pub – khyber burger

You guys were all probably wondering when the hell I was going to get around to having my beloved Khyber Pass Pub’s burger. Well, I finally got around to having it last week, so there!

I ordered a Khyber Burger medium-rare with onion rings. The Khyber Burger is made up of angus beef, bacon, bbq onions, smoked cheddar, and creole mustard. It’s also served on a brioche bun.

khyber burger x-section

The Khyber Burger is one solid burger. It tasted great and you will not be disappointed, I wasn’t. As much as I love burgers though, I will give in to the po boys or fried green tomato BLT in the future because they’re just too awesome here.

Khyber Pass Pub
56 S 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

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