cooking: whole wheat halloween candy cookies

Unfortunately or fortunately, I didn’t get to consume any Halloween candy this year. Since childhood, my tastebuds have “grown up” and I just can’t enjoy most of the Halloween candy that’s out there (shame me if you must). I do, however, still enjoy Snickers and Twix.

Last week I came across Lisa’s, aka Jersey Girl Cooks, post about Halloween candy cookies, then felt a sudden urge to try making them with a few modifications, such as using Snickers and Twix.

Whole Wheat Halloween Candy Cookies
adapted from/inspired by Jersey Girl Cooks
yields about 3 dozen, 2″ diameter cookies

-2 1/4 c whole wheat flour
-1 tsp baking soda
-1/2 tsp salt
-1 stick unsalted butter, softened
-3/4 c sugar
-3/4 c light brown sugar
-1 tsp vanilla extract
-2 eggs
-2 c twix and snickers, chopped (about 6 fun size bars each)

Preheat oven to 350°F. Line baking sheets with parchment.

In large bowl, whisk together the flour, baking soda, and salt until well combined.

In stand mixer, cream the butter, sugars, and vanilla until well mixed. Add the eggs. Once well mixed, slowly add the flour mixture until well combined. Lastly, add the chopped candy until incorporated.

Spoon out dough onto sheets in desired cookie size. Bake for about 13 minutes, until bottoms are lightly browned. Transfer cookies from sheet to cooling rack. Consume then or once they have cooled.

They were good, though overhyped because in my head I figured they were going to be this almighty cookie since I was using my favorite Halloween candy. Twix and Snickers are probably best enjoyed as is…not in a cookie. Though, another alternative is having a larger variety of Halloween candy in the mix, it would probably turn out better that way.

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vosges chocolate – mo’s bacon bar

I enjoy bacon and I also enjoy chocolate. Together? Not too sure.

You could taste both the sweetness of the chocolate and the saltiness of the bacon. Both were pretty delicious…though I couldn’t quite get into enjoying both flavors together…

Maybe it’s just me? Maybe I’m not into bacon as much as I thought? I’m sure there are people out there who love this sorta stuff. Anyone wanna share your opinions/thoughts?

You can find the bacon bar and more varieties at Vosges Chocolate.

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aero bars!

I haven’t had these in years! I came across them tonight when I was wandering around aimlessly in the International section of Wegman’s, the UK section in particular.

I first tried these when I went to Canada a couple years back. Nestle Aero is a chocolate bar who’s slogan is “feel the bubbles”. These Aero bars have several voids in it, thus making it look like a sponge. It’s pretty neat, since the voids kind of make the chocolate taste much creamier (maybe it’s just me haha)…and of course, I think they’re pretty good.

Soooo glad Wegman’s has them. If you haven’t had these yet, come out here and try one! I got them at the Wegman’s in Cherry Hill, NJ.

P.S. There are also different varieties. The one pictured in the background is a mint chocolate flavor.

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broad street market – harrisburg

If you’ve been following this blog from the start, you are aware that I was out in Harrisburg for 2 1/2 weeks back in September. One of the great places I came across there was the Broad Street Market. It’s your typical farm market with fresh produce, meats, and good home cooked Amish food. There are two buildings making up the Broad Street Market. The front building is just eateries, while the back is a mix of everything.

The place I went to for lunch was called L&L Country Meats. I got standard Amish farm market fare like fried chicken, mac and cheese, and potato wedges. Ahh, they were delicious. The potatoes could have been crispier, but it was a cheap, delicious meal.

What really stood out for me though, were two things…

1. Candy Cigarettes. Maybe I could find this elsewhere just as easy, but I’m never looking for it. Stoltzfus Candy had these! I haven’t seen these in years and it’s not really a big deal, it’s just that I have a nostalgic attachment to them. They also remind me of Halloweens when I was growing up. These are sugary sweet….just like the stick in Fun Dip.

2. All Sport sports drink. I recently (within the last year) had a conversation with a friend about sports and somehow the All Sport sports drink of the 90s came up. How funny and crazy that we both remembered this awful tasting and from what I remembered, carbonated? A carbonated sports drink you say? That’s not right… I swear, that’s what I remember. Anyway, after my friend and I had that conversation, I tried to find this drink in local supermarkets around (Shoprite, Wegman’s, Giant) but no luck. Of course I just assumed that it truly was that bad of a sports drink and was just discontinued. When I passed by one of the Amish eateries, I noticed that in one of those drink coolers in the back, there were at least 3 shelves of three different flavors of All Sport! I did a double take, since I couldn’t believe it. Immediately I bought two, one for aforementioned friend, and one for myself. Unfortunately when I sat down to drink it, it was not carbonated whatsoever. Was I imagining things? or has the product changed since the mid 90s? It was however still pretty bad. I’ll gladly take a Gatorade or Powerade over an All Sport any day. Hey, it was worth it for that feeling of nostalgia.

I just googled “all sport carbonated” and did find out that it was INDEED carbonated back in the 90s! I wasn’t wrong! Sigh, that carbonation definitely woulda taken the cake.

Broad Street Market
1233 North Third Street
Harrisburg, PA 17102

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