two8two burger – two8two burger

Another stop on my Brooklyn trip last week was two8two Burger in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. I came across this place when I was looking for a restaurant that had burgers and craft beer which was pretty close to my friend’s apartment.

The menu offers seven different kinds of burgers, including a turkey and veggie option. Being my first time there, I went for the burger at the top of the list, the two8two Burger. The two8two Burger comes topped with cheddar, roasted poblano peppers, two8two sauce, lettuce, tomato, and red onions and is served on a potato roll.

I asked for it medium rare, though I was not asked how I wanted it cooked. Perhaps, they cook all their burgers to medium? The burger was messy, as the patty even broke apart during consumption. Despite that, the flavors were good and I enjoyed it. As much as I like burgers on artisanal bread or brioche buns, I think it’s great that two8two decided to but their burgers on potato rolls.

Beer-wise, they’ve got 8 taps of craft beer. Not bad at all. The wait staff should get used to the types of beer being served though, as the waiter gave my friend a weird look when he said he wanted the “weiss” beer.

Thanks for the dining company, Christian and Meg!

two8two Burger
282 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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