hulmeville inn/bourbon barrel aged flying fish exit 13

A couple of weeks ago I finally made my way over to the Hulmeville Inn, a Langhorne/Feasterville area bar known for it’s great selection of craft beers. It was one of the last days I’d be up in the area, so me and some friends figured why not!

They recently opened up their backyard beer garden too! Me and my friends sat back here initally until we found out we could only order cans though. Anything draft would have to be ordered inside. The following is why we decided to move inside…

I honestly didn’t think I was ever going to try this. It was available at Philadelphia Bar and Restaurant during Prohibition Repeal Day and also at Monk’s for a tap takeover on a Monday. I almost took off to try it on that Monday too. After missing both opportunities, I pretty much had given up hope of trying it. Luckily for me, the Hulmeville Inn had an Exit Series night the day before I went.

My friend proceeded to order a pitcher of the Bourbon Barrel Aged Flying Fish Exit 13 even though I told him I just wanted a glass and that’s all. Not that I was complaining of course. The barrel aged Exit 13 had a much stronger flavor and was pretty delicious. I’m glad I was able to try it without going too out of my way to get it. The barrel aged Exit 13 was also kicked fairly quickly after that pitcher was poured.

I’m not sure when I’ll return to the Hulmeville Inn since it’s definitely out of my way but if you’re in the burbs and need a place to go for beer, check it out. They certainly have a great selection of craft beers available and if I were in the area, I’m sure this would easily be my go to spot.

Hulmeville Inn
4 Trenton Road
Hulmeville, PA 19047

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beer: flying fish exit 9 – hoppy scarlet ale

Flying Fish has just released their seventh beer from their Exit Series, Exit 9: Hoppy Scarlet Ale. Exit 9 holds a special place in my heart. It’s located in East Brunswick, close to my stomping grounds. More importantly, in regards to the beer, Exit 9 is close to Rutgers University, which is the main inspiration for the beer. The Rutgers mascot is the Scarlet Knight, so a scarlet ale is fitting. I’m a fan of Exit 9, it’s hoppy like an IPA and has a nice citrus sweetness.

If you’re in the Philly/South Jersey area come stop by The Pour House in Westmont tonight to celebrate the release. Head brewer Casey Hughes should be around too.

For you central Jersey folks, you can celebrate the release tomorrow at the George Street Ale House in New Brunswick.

You can find more info on Flying Fish’s Exit Series here.

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beer: flying fish exit 13 – chocolate stout

I wasn’t really into stouts until recently. A friend of mine recommended Yards’s Love Stout when we were at the bar the other day and I loved it!.

This month, Flying Fish released Exit 13, a chocolate stout. With my new found love for stouts, I picked up a bottle as soon as I saw it was available. It was delicious and the aroma of chocolate with every sip was a fantastic experience. I think I’m getting another bottle soon…

Any of you guys try this yet? Thoughts?

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