taim falafel & smoothie bar

Taim offers a choice between three different falafel flavors, the green (parsley, cilantro, mint), red (w/ roasted red pepper), and harissa (spicy).

I ordered a green falafel sandwich and it was mighty tasty. The falafel was cooked perfectly. The salad and hummus were in just the right amounts and complimented the falafel well.

Definitely making my way back here for more falafel!

Taim Falafel
222 Waverly Place
New York, NY 10014

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ibby’s falafel

Earlier this week, I was at a cousin’s house back in my hometown of Old Bridge, NJ. Unfortunately (well I guess fortunately, since I was able to stumble across this goldmine!), there were no vegetarian options for food, so I grabbed dinner on my way home. Thanks to my iPhone, I came across this place in a nearby town of Freehold.

It’s called Ibby’s Falafel, located right on Main Street. When I entered the restaurant, it was empty. It seemed like everyone wanted to dine at the Mexican place down the street…

Those people are crazy! Ibby’s Falafel is the best falafel I have ever had. The falafel was not dry, and the amount of tahini was just right! Each bite had just enough! Ahh, thinking about it now just makes me want more.

To my central NJ friends and to my other readers! If you haven’t gone here yet, check it out. It’s fantastic.

Ibby’s Falafel
4 West Main Street
Freehold, NJ 07728

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savory maza

On Saturday for lunch, my friend took us to one of his favorite restaurants in the area, Savory Maza, a Lebanese restaurant in Scranton.

Looking at the menu, in addition to their entrees, they had a large selection of maza, which are small appetizer plates…kinda like tapas I guess. We ordered a bunch of maza and one entree.

We of course got the hummus. Then we ordered the savory pie, grape leaves, and spinach pie. For the “entree” we ordered falafel.

My favorites had to be the hummus and pita, savory pie, and falafel. The hummus was fresh, smooth, and creamy. It perfectly complimented the excellent pita. The pita was soft, thin, and delicious. The savory pie was fantastic! It was like a sauceless Lebanese pizza…there were spices spread throughout the flatbread and splotches of cheese (not sure what kind) and pitted kalamatas throughout. It was sooo good. Lastly, the falafel was pretty fantastic. The falafel had a moist center with a somewhat crisp outside. It was wrapped in the same delicious pita that we were using for the hummus. They also served it with a side of tahini. Ahh I’m craving that falafel right now as I see the photo and write this post….heavenly.

Go check this place out!

Savory Maza
200 North Main Street
Scranton, PA 18504

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cooking: falafel

I’ve always wanted to try making falafel and never pushed myself to do it until today.

Falafel is very simple to make, though all the prep took longer than I hoped. Again, my thermometer helped in letting me know when the oil was at a perfect 340 degrees for the frying. I used a bit of hummus as well as a tahini sauce as made by the recipe.

Verdict: It came out well. It was missing some sort of “topping” or “garnish” but it was tasty and had a bit of a zing from the garlic/cayenne.

The recipe can be found here.

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