cedar point bar & kitchen – burger

My days as a Fishtown resident are unfortunately coming to an end. Fortunately, I was able to stop into Cedar Point one last time (hopefully not) before I move out.

I ordered the burger, despite all temptations to order the fried chicken & waffles. The burger is made from grass fed beef and then topped with pimiento aioli, Herdsman cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, and tomato. It’s served on a perfectly sized brioche bun from Baker Street in Chestnut Hill. The burger was perfectly cooked to medium-rare with a nicely charred exterior. It was very juicy and tasted great. Accompanying the burger was a generous portion of housecut regular and sweet potato fries. These were seasoned perfectly and had some crispy sweet potato fries (some places’ sweet potato fries don’t crisp too well).

As my days wind down here, I’m going to have to come back again for another burger while I sit on the deck with a beer in my favorite Philly neighborhood.

ps. The lady ended up getting the lobster mac and cheese on special, which was incredible. If that’s on special again, get it!

Cedar Point Bar & Kitchen
2370 E Norris St.
Philadelphia, PA 19125

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johnny brenda’s – cheeseburger

I have to admit. I have never eaten at Johnny Brenda’s. I’ve been here several times, whether it’s to see a show upstairs, grab a drink downstairs, or enjoy a brew while sitting along Girard Ave. but not one of my visits included food. There is no reason except for “I don’t know.” This was not due to a lack of interest, though.

Lots of people have told me good things about the food here, more particularly, their burger. Another friend, who’s burger opinions I take seriously, told me that the burger here was one of her favorites. Not too long ago, the stars aligned and I happened to be hungry when I was enjoying a beer at the bar.

The burger at JB’s is made up of beef (the source could not be found by the staff at the time) which sits on top of lettuce and pickles. It’s then topped with melted cheddar and chopped caramelized onions. I also got a taste of a secret sauce of some sort. The burger is sandwiched between a regular bun. I ordered the burger medium-rare and it came out perfectly medium-rare. There was no lack of juiciness, as I savored each bite. The flavors all came together and made for one tasty burger. The accompanying well-seasoned, tasty hand-cut fries complimented an already great burger.

Only not so great parts? The bun fell apart slightly during consumption (but I can get over that). The portion of fries seemed a bit small. I actually was wanting more once the burger was done. Not that I’m truly complaining…having a large weekly portion of fried potatoes isn’t exactly the greatest habit…

I’m glad I finally tried it. I’m even more glad that I know how good of a burger it is now.

Johnny Brenda’s
1201 Frankford Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19125

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lloyd – lloyd burger

Not even 6 months old and just down the street is Lloyd, a whiskey bar along Girard Avenue in Fishtown. I’ve only been once or twice for drinks, but have been meaning to come in ever since I found out they have a burger. Having said that, even though they’re known as Lloyd Whiskey Bar, they have a couple taps, a cocktail list, and a moderately sized menu.

The Lloyd Burger is made up of a custom beef blend from nearby Kissin Fresh Meats topped with Muenster cheese, pickled red onion, lettuce, tomato, and bread & butter pickles. All of that is placed between a toasted Metropolitan Bakery brioche bun. You have the option of accompanying fries or greens and the addition of bacon for an extra buck.

It was cooked perfectly to medium-rare. The pickled red onion added a pleasant tangy and sweet taste. The toasted brioche was fresh and held up to the juicy, flavorful burger. The burger was fairly simple, with the pickled red onion being the “fanciest” ingredient, however, it was done well. The only non-positive thing I can say is that the burger is just a bit small for the bun. There were one, maybe two small bites of bun without burger at the end. Really, it was so small that it’s not something to pick at. I enjoyed it quite a bit. The generous portion of accompanying fries were also seasoned well and tasted great.

My friend and I also tried the bacon chicken liver mousse appetizer which also tasted great. Will definitely be coming back to eat here.

529 E Girard Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19125

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interstate drafthouse – interstate cheddar burger

Also located in Fishtown is Interstate Drafthouse. It’s another local bar/restaurant that my housemate and other Fishtown friends often go to and I only recently had the pleasure of checking out. Interstate Drafthouse’s burger is called the Interstate Cheddar Burger.

The Interstate Cheddar Burger is an 8 oz. patty served on brioche with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, truffle mayo, and cherry peppers. It’s accompanied with fries and a pickle.

It was cooked to a perfect medium-rare, no spots of overcooking or anything! The burger was very juicy and tasted great with the toppings. The cherry peppers added a pleasant sweetness to each bite. This burger was pretty huge, too. It surprisingly stayed intact as I ate it all. They’ve got one of the better burgers I’ve had in recent days. Definitely come out to try one!

If the burger doesn’t get you out, you’ve gotta try their Fishtown Iced Tea, a Long Island Iced Tea made with Arctic Splash Iced Tea!

Interstate Drafthouse
1235 E Palmer St.
Philadelphia, PA 19125

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loco pez – 1/4 lb. burger

Located in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philly is Loco Pez, a small Mexican “street food” bar & restaurant. Living close by, I’ve been here several times already. The tacos are delicious and the nachos are some of the best I’ve had. Their menu does have a cowboy section, which consists of a hot dog, a burger, a burrito, and an American-style taco.

After several visits, I decided it was time to try their burger. It’s a 1/4 lb. LaFrieda blend burger which is topped with cheddar, pickles, and special sauce. The burger sits between a soft seeded bun and is accompanied by additional side toppings such as sliced radishes, shredded lettuce, and sliced jalapenos. Next to the burger is a very generous amount of perfectly crispy waffle fries.

The burger was cooked well. Even though they don’t ask you, I believe it’s intended to be cooked to medium. It’s only $6 and it tasted good, however, it would benefit from the juiciness of a medium burger plus a little bit more sauce.

I ordered another item from the cowboy menu, the Gabacho Taco. The Gabacho Taco is an American style, hard shell taco with seasoned ground beef, red onion, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomato, and queso fresco. It was great. Even though I’m more a fan of the traditional soft tortilla tacos, Loco Pez certainly did a great job with these hard shell ones and it’s going to be tough to not get one every time I come in.

Loco Pez
2401 Norris St.
Philadelphia, PA 19125

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