philly foodspotting south philly taco crawl – april 2012

This past Sunday, 7 Foodspotters, including myself, braved the rain and participated in Philly Foodspotting’s longest crawl yet. The South Philly Taco Crawl that took place consisted of five stops in the following order: Tres Jalapeños, La Veracruzana, Taqueria Los Taquitos de Puebla, La Lupe, and El Jarocho.

Since there were 7 of us and 5 stops, we decided to order a couple tacos at each place and split them up so we could try a little bit of everything.

Throughout the evening, several different types of tacos were consumed from al pastor (marinated pork w/ pineapple) to carnitas (pork). Vegetarian friendly options like portabella and cheese tacos were also enjoyed. The most interesting ones that we got to try were the jalapeños rellenos de queso (stuffed jalapeños w/ cheese) from La Veracruzana and nopales con queso (cactus & cheese) from Taqueria Los Taquitos de Puebla. The tastiest tacos were the barbacoa lamb ones from El Jarocho. At the end, some of us even stopped by a nearby 7-Eleven…for a Choco Taco!

Thanks to all who came out despite the unpleasant weather, it surely was a great time!

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philly foodspotting hot chocolate crawl – december 2011

Last night was Philly Foodspotting’s hot chocolate crawl. On the crawl were three Center City locations: Philly Chocolate, Capogiro Gelato, and Max Brenner.

The first stop was Philly Chocolate. Most of the group ordered the European Hot Chocolate (pictured above). It was very smooth and tasty!

At our second stop, Capogiro Gelato, several spotters opted to get gelato instead of the hot chocolate. Tom, however, as seen above, went for Italian hot chocolate.

Last, we made our way to Max Brenner. Max Brenner had a variety of different drinks to order from Italian hot chocolate to chocolate/tea drinks. Pictured above is the Swiss whipped hot dark chocolate.

Crawling for hot chocolate was fun! Hope you had a great time if you attended!

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philly foodspotting hot dog crawl – august 2011

Last Tuesday was the Philly Foodspotting Hot Dog Crawl. We had three restaurants on the crawl along South Street. The crawl started off at Brauhaus Schmitz where Chef Jeremy Nolen cooked up some wurst sandwiches featuring Käsewurst, a sausage made from pork and cheese. The wurst sandwiches came with a choice of side. I went with the potato salad (shown below).

kasewurst sandwich

the big kahuna

The second location was Hot Diggity. There were several choices for dogs here, even though Owner Keith Garabedian wanted to feature three dogs for the crawl. The three dogs featured were The Seattle Grunge (garlic cream cheese, scallions, tomato, and red onion), The Big Kahuna (habanero aioli, pineapple salsa, grilled red onion, and guava mustard), and The Saigon Fusion (Thai chili vinaigrette, sriracha, carrots, house pickled cucumber, cilantro, red onion, and jalapeno).

The third and final location on the crawl was Supper. Chef Mitch Prensky offered us his brunch availability only Supper Dog (pictured at the very top). Prensky’s dog is made up of a bacon wrapped, 100% house ground pork shoulder topped with kraut, bbq onions, beer mustard and served on a housebaked bun.

Thanks to all the restaurants for accommodating us and everyone who made it out. It was truly an awesome time and has been our largest crawl so far!

Check out the Foodspotting guide here.

Here are some other photos from the crawl:

the saigon fusion

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philly foodspotting deviled egg crawl – may 2011

Last night me and some fellow Philly Foodspotters set out on the streets of Philadelphia for a deviled egg crawl at four restaurants. We began at Village Whiskey, then made our way east, hitting up The Dandelion, Tweed, and TIME.

deviled eggs from the dandelion

The eggs we tried all had their highs and lows. My favorite was Village Whiskey’s (pictured at the very top), though some of the other Foodspotters had other opinions. The most interesting was Tweed’s, since there was green apple at the bottom and topped with paddlefish roe and dill!

deviled eggs from tweed

Despite the deviled egg hangover I experienced this morning, last night was a great time! We’re definitely going to have another crawl at some point, especially since there are more places that have some tasty deviled eggs.

deviled eggs from time

Missed the crawl but still wanna complete the guide? Check it here.

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philly foodspotting frozen dessert crawl – april 2011

Last month, I organized a Foodspotting Frozen Dessert Crawl in Philly. It was a short crawl with four spots on the list, Capogiro Gelato, Yogorino, More Than Just Ice Cream, and Tutti Frutti.

gianduja gelato

The crawl started at the Rittenhouse Square Capogiro Gelato location. I broke habit and ordered the gianduja gelato over my usual nocciola. I’ve had the gianduja at Capogiro in the past but don’t recall there being any spiciness. There was definitely a kick of something this time around!

Just a couple blocks south from Capogiro was our next location, the Italian yogurt franchise, Yogorino. Friendly staff helped me settle on yogurt topped with pistachio sauce, chopped hazelnuts, and chocolate shavings.

cinnabun ice cream

Next, we made the walk east across Broad Street to More Than Just Ice Cream. There, I got a small serving of their cinnabun flavor.

orange creamsicle froyo

Our last stop brought us to Tutti Frutti in Market East. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t pretty full or at least close to it at this point. Luckily, since this was a froyo place, you could control your serving size. I had just the right amount of orange creamsicle froyo to end the night.

Thanks to everyone who came out! It was another great time and hope to see you at the next one!

Missed the crawl but still wanna complete the guide? Check it here.

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