renaissance sausage

The Food Trust’s Headhouse Farmers’ Market has been going on every Sunday since May 1st. I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve only gone twice…and that was the past two Sundays!

One of things I would constantly hear about Headhouse Farmers’ Market is the deliciousness of Renaissance Sausage’s breakfast sandwiches. Two weeks ago when I went for the first time, that’s the very first thing I went to get. They offer three different types of sandwiches, one with homemade pork sausage, one with homemade vegetarian sausage, and one with bacon.

I ordered the pork sausage breakfast sandwich. It was quite amazing. The sausage is clearly the standout ingredient in this. It’s homemade, damn tasty, and about the size of a burger! Accompanying the sausage is a fried organic egg and local American cheese. All of that is served on a fresh bun.

The Headhouse Farmers’ Market is only going to be around until early-mid December. Go eat one of these sandwiches before it’s too late!

Renaissance Sausage
southwest corner of the Headhouse Farmers’ Market
2nd St. (between Lombard St. & South St.)
Philadelphia, PA

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mediterranean lunch truck

When I ask friends for Temple University food recommendations, I certainly get a lot of them. When I mention Temple University Hospital area, I get nothing, so I went with my gut on this one.

I spotted the Mediterranean Lunch Truck on the north side of Broad Street, just south of Ontario Street. There was a pretty large crowd around it so I figured I’d give it a shot.

I ordered a falafel wrap. It came with crisp outside/soft inside falafel, hummus, lettuce, and tomato. That falafel was one of the better ones I’ve had from a truck/cart in Philly! If you find yourself in the Temple University Hospital area, definitely give this falafel a try.

Mediterranean Lunch Truck
Broad Street (north side, just south of intersection of Ontario St)
Philadelphia, PA

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sugar philly

Located on the streets of University City is the Sugar Philly truck run by Dan Tang, Franklin Shen, and John Suh. They are a dessert truck serving stuff like cake, creme brulee, cheesecake, and pudding. Sugar Philly was also recently one of the trucks nominated at Philly’s first Vendy Awards.

chocolate ganache & salted caramel

What they make that I really enjoy are the French macarons. They offer several different flavors depending on season in addition to a couple flavors they always have. I stopped by after work two days in a row to eat em. On day one, I got dulce de leche and milk & honey and on day two, I got chocolate ganache and salted caramel. The cookies had a nice crunch outside with a chewy inside. The fillings were delicious too. My favorite was, unsurprisingly, the salted caramel. It’s so friggin good. Unfortunately, Dan told me it’s a little tough to make the filling for that one, so that may not be on the menu every day. Maybe one day they will?

dulce de leche & milk and honey

Currently, Sugar Philly is located on the corner of 38th Street and Walnut Street in University City, Monday to Friday from noon to around 4 pm to 6 pm. The time and location my vary so be sure to check their Twitter.

Sugar Philly
Corner of 38th Street and Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA

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2011 philadelphia vendy awards

2011 philly vendys
This past Saturday was the first annual Vendy Awards for Philadelphia! I remember attending last year’s Vendys in NYC, and they announced that Philly was going to have their first in 2011. Well, I never forgot and was certainly looking forward to this.

2011 philly vendys - gigi and big r
There were a total of 8 trucks nominated. The 8 trucks were: Cucina Zapata (Thai/Mexican), Gigi and Big R (Caribbean/American Soul Food), Guapos Tacos (Garces’s taco truck), King of Falafel (Middle Eastern), La Copine (Brunch), Magic Carpet Foods (Vegetarian), Sugar Philly (Desserts), and Sweet Box (Cupcakes).

the judges' table

Three awards were up for grabs on Saturday, the Vendy Cup, Best Dessert, and People’s Choice. To decide the winners, a large panel of judges included Mayor Michael Nutter, Chef Jen Carroll of 10 Arts, Chef Mike Solomonov of Zahav, Drew Lazor of Philadelphia’s City Paper, Brian McManus of Philadelphia Weekly, Jamie Shanker of Midtown Lunch Philadelphia, and Lindsay Lidge, wife of Phillies pitcher Brad Lidge and The Food Trust partner.

crispy mahi taco from guapos tacos

Lots of great food was served such as a soul food sampler from Gigi and Big R, a mahi taco from Guapos, falafel from Magic Carpet and King of Falafel, tacos from Cucina Zapata, macarons from Sugar Philly, and cupcakes from Sweet Box.

2011 philly vendy cup winners - gigi and big r

The winners were Gigi and Big R for the Vendy Cup, Sweet Box for Best Dessert, and Cucina Zapata for People’s Choice.

At last year’s Vendy’s I didn’t get to try some food since some trucks ran out. It happened again this year! I heard some great things about Sugar Philly’s salted caramel macarons and I had none of it. This just means I’m going to have to get over there on my own and get em!

I’d definitely like to see this event grow next year with more trucks and more food. I had an awesome time and look forward to next year’s!

All the proceeds of the Philadelphia Vendys benefited The Food Trust. The Food Trust is holding another Night Market featuring more Philly food trucks soon, go check it out!

Check out more photos after the jump:

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the food trust night market 2011

Last Thursday, The Food Trust held their second annual night market. This year, it was held in University City and featured a beer garden for Philly Beer Week. Several food trucks and vendors lined the perimeter of the parking lot while the beer stands and other restaurants had tables in the center.

smoked kielbasa

I showed up an hour from opening and several food trucks/vendors already had some pretty long lines. The pops and sis waited in the line for Guapos Tacos, the longest line there, while I wandered around to find some other stuff to try.

blt hot dog

The Dapper Dog‘s menu caught my eye and I immediately waited in line as soon as I saw their menu. I ordered a BLT hot dog with spicy mayo and smoked kielbasa with jalapeno relish & spicy mayo. Both of these were pretty damn good.

Tyson Bees had a good line forming as well. Later on in the evening I was able to enjoy a pork belly bun during the torrential downpour.

chipotle short rib tacos

Thanks to the pop and sis, I did get to try Guapos Tacos. Don’t hate on me too much, but I thought they were just alright. The green chile chicken left me hanging as I felt that it needed much more. The carnitas and short rib tacos were quite delicious though.

carnitas tacos

I heard that last year’s was pretty hectic and vendors even ran out of food. I think the night market was organized pretty well this year. If the thunderstorm didn’t come, I would have been able to hang out and eat a lot more! I’m definitely looking forward to next year’s.

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