street sweets

Ever since Amy of Amy Blogs Chow posted about the Street Sweets hazelnut gelato sandwich, it has been a goal to try it. Unfortunately it took a lot longer than I had hoped.

A few weeks ago I finally got to try it! Me and my partner in crime both got hazelnut gelato sandwiches. I got it between chocolate chip cookies (pictured above). She got her gelato between coconut cookies.

It was sooo good. Though I took a bite of the coconut sandwiched one and I think I liked that more! Well, actually, I think I would have liked the choco chip one if the cookie itself was softer (Note to self: get there earlier when the cookies are JUST baked).

Like many food trucks, their location changes daily. Check their twitter for their current location.

Oh, and their gelato sandwiches aren’t on the menu…so you’re gunna just have to ask for em!

Street Sweets
New York City

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