philly foodspotting weird food eatup – october 2011

For the Halloween season, I thought it’d be fun to do a weird food eatup around Philly. It was originally intended to be a crawl, but due to time constraints on a weeknight, I figured an eatup would be best. I chose Los Taquitos de Puebla in South Philly as our venue since it is home to several odd tacos, from head meat to eyeballs. Yes, eyeballs.

tacos de surtida

Unfortunately, it rained a good amount last Thursday so attendance was pretty slim. At the table sat me, fellow Foodspotter Lee, and his wife. Lee’s wife wasn’t too fond of giving the weird tacos a try, so me and Lee split the Tacos de Ojo (eyeball), Tacos de Trompa (lips), and Tacos de Surtida (mixed head meat).

lee eating the last bit of eyeballs...

We “toasted” and took our first bite of the eyeball tacos. It honestly wasn’t as unpleasant as I thought it would be. The texture was very chewy and fatty. Not the most desirable texture, but hey, it was chopped up and wasn’t looking at me! The other tacos had a similar fatty consistency but had much more meaty texture than the eyeballs did.

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philly foodspotting eat-up at franklin fountain – october 2011

Attendance at last night’s Foodspotting eat-up was a bit on the light side but still a great time. I think the intention was to order Mt. Vesuvius sundaes but no one was feeling that bold.

Their seasonal flavor was pumpkin so almost everyone went with a pumpkin ice cream. Foodspotter Melissa went with The Great Pumpkin sundae (pictured above) which is comprised of pumpkin ice cream, homemade hot caramel, salted pecans, whipped cream, and ground cinnamon.

Damn, why didn’t I get that? I was able to snag a couple spoonfuls and it was delicious. I ended up with a simple college ice (one scoop, one topping) of pumpkin and caramel and hot caramel. Still good, but I should have gotten The Great Pumpkin!

Run over to Franklin Fountain now and try their pumpkin ice cream…before I eat it all! Just kidding.

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philly foodspotting eat-up at han dynasty – september 2011

Last Friday Philly Foodspotting held an eat-up at Han Dynasty. Chef Han Chiang prepared a tasting menu of fiery Sichuan food. We had about 40 people in attendance and the vegetarians who went were able to have a tasting of their own too!

beef & tripe in chili oil

han explaining history of dishes

Some of the dishes served included beef & tripe in chili oil, dan dan mian, spicy cucumbers, cumin lamb, and double cooked fish. Han also walked around to give an explanation of some of the dishes and where its name was derived from.

double cooked fish

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Check out more photos after the jump:

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philly foodspotting hot dog crawl – august 2011

Last Tuesday was the Philly Foodspotting Hot Dog Crawl. We had three restaurants on the crawl along South Street. The crawl started off at Brauhaus Schmitz where Chef Jeremy Nolen cooked up some wurst sandwiches featuring Käsewurst, a sausage made from pork and cheese. The wurst sandwiches came with a choice of side. I went with the potato salad (shown below).

kasewurst sandwich

the big kahuna

The second location was Hot Diggity. There were several choices for dogs here, even though Owner Keith Garabedian wanted to feature three dogs for the crawl. The three dogs featured were The Seattle Grunge (garlic cream cheese, scallions, tomato, and red onion), The Big Kahuna (habanero aioli, pineapple salsa, grilled red onion, and guava mustard), and The Saigon Fusion (Thai chili vinaigrette, sriracha, carrots, house pickled cucumber, cilantro, red onion, and jalapeno).

The third and final location on the crawl was Supper. Chef Mitch Prensky offered us his brunch availability only Supper Dog (pictured at the very top). Prensky’s dog is made up of a bacon wrapped, 100% house ground pork shoulder topped with kraut, bbq onions, beer mustard and served on a housebaked bun.

Thanks to all the restaurants for accommodating us and everyone who made it out. It was truly an awesome time and has been our largest crawl so far!

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Here are some other photos from the crawl:

the saigon fusion

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philly foodspotting nostalgic picnic/squareburger – june 2011

Luckily the weather was nice last Sunday for our nostalgic picnic in Franklin Square Park. Instead of a crawl this Month, we decided to relax and meet for a picnic and spot some SquareBurger food.

We started off by ordering some food from SquareBurger. I’ve only been here once before for a Cake Shake and just didn’t have the appetite for food. But on Sunday, I finally tried a burger!

I couldn’t help but get a Cake Shake again. Honestly, how could you resist a shake made with vanilla ice cream, caramel, and a butterscotch krimpet?! I also settled on the Classic Cheeseburger, a standard burger with American cheese, pickles, onions, ketchup, and mustard. Both together were quite the delicious combo.

Since it was a nostalgic picnic, (mostly) everyone brought something reminiscent of childhood/teen years, whether it was a food, dessert, or even magazines! Among some of the stuff brought was Gummy Worms in “Dirt”, jawbreakers, wax bottles, TastyKakes, cupcakes, rice krispies treats, and teen magazines. I was kind of in a rush to get to the park and unfortunately forgot my Pogs!

some awesome froot loop cupcakes by cupcake karma‘s jackie seigle

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