sammy chon’s k-town bbq

I used to live across the river and have been to the Cherry Hill location of Sammy Chon’s K-Town BBQ a couple times and it’s always been a good experience. I haven’t had a chance to return even though I found out they had Korean fried chicken! Recently, a new Chinatown location opened up and that’s exactly where I was last night.

This is the second time having Korean fried chicken. My only prior experience was in NYC at Kyochon. It was a while ago so I don’t remember too much, except that it was pretty tasty. At Sammy Chon’s, they have four different varieties: soy garlic, honey sesame, spicy, and diablo. Last night I tried all but the diablo. All of them had a nice crunchy outside with a tasty sauce. The honey sesame was my favorite as I found it to be the most flavorful. The soy garlic seemed to have a little too much overpowering soy flavor. The spicy had a good kick to it, great for those who like buffalo/hot wings.

In addition to the wings, me and my dining partner. decided to split a Koagie, too. The Koagie is a Korean hoagie, comprised of either beef bulgogi, bbq chicken, or spicy pork. We went with the beef bulgogi. It comes out on a sesame seeded roll and is served with this housemade white sauce. I asked what the sauce was made of and they said it’s mayo, honey, sesame seeds, and a couple of secret ingredients. Whatever it was, it tasted good with the Koagie. The meat was flavorful and spicy. They had this available when I last visited their Cherry Hill location and I’m upset it took me this long to try it.

Lastly, the meal ended in a familiar fashion…with the yogurt!

Sammy Chon’s in Chinatown is BYO at the moment and serves some delicious food, including Korean fried chicken. Apparently they plan on opening up another floor with karaoke and they’re going to have late hours. I enjoyed what I ate and look forward to my future visits.

Sammy Chon’s K-Town BBQ
911 Race St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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hill country chicken

If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll recall my visit to Hill Country. Since that visit, the same guys opened up Hill Country Chicken in Flatiron. I joined a couple friends for lunch there a couple weeks ago.

They offer two different kinds of fried chicken, Hill Country Classic or Mama Els’ Recipe. Classic is just how you’d expect and the Mama Els is fried chicken without the skin. I know that fried chicken without the skin sounds crazy. I definitely did.

classic in the foreground, mama els in the background

maker's mark bourbon pecan pie

I ordered a thigh of each kind. The classic was delicious with crispy, tasty skin and a juicy inside. The Mama Els was surprisingly great. It was so full of flavor that it didn’t even need the skin. Of course, I’ll probably choose the classic if I had to pick one though. In addition to the chicken, I got to try some of the pecan pie my friend got. Quite delicious as well. Did I mention that there was Maker’s Mark in it?

Hill Country Chicken
1123 Broadway
New York, NY 10010

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meme – fried chicken

It took a long time but I finally made it out a few weeks ago to have Meme’s fried chicken which is only available on Thursdays for lunch.

A friend and I met up to try this highly spoken of fried chicken. With the fried chicken, you get the option of adding a side and a choice of lemonade, iced tea, or a beer. Of course, I went with the beer. Everything I read up to this point mentioned receiving the Champagne of Beers, so I was pretty pumped. Unfortunately, I received an Amstel Light…maybe they ran out?

Beer aside, the chicken was pretty delicious. I was served a thigh and leg piece. Excellent choices since I’m all about the dark meat. It came with a tasty and moist corn muffin and a buffalo dipping sauce. I took some bites with and some without the sauce. Couldn’t quite tell whether I enjoyed it more with or without, but it was great nonetheless. The added side was corn on the cob which was quite good.

Meme’s fried chicken lunch was great. If I had gotten a High Life, things would have been fantastic. Unfortunately, I started my new gig already so it’s going to be a while until I get another opportunity to try this. If you have a free Thursday, definitely come and check it out!

2201 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA

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pyt cupcake smash

Philabundance’s Cupcake Smash cupcake competition was held at PYT last Saturday. PYT is known for it’s wild and crazy burgers and each contestant/team was asked to create a cupcake inspired by PYT’s menu.

The judges consisted of PYT’s own Tommy Up, the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Michael Klein, Shmitten Kitchen’s Anna Goldfarb, and Phrequency’s Leah Kauffman. Felicia D’Ambrosio of Federal Donuts emcee’d the event too.

team totes adorbs

roscoe’s delight, by team totes adorbs

Team Totes Adorbs, consisting of Allie Harcharek and Mikey Ilagan, served the Roscoe’s Delight, a chicken and waffle cupcake consisting of a maple vanilla cake topped with cayenne maple buttercream, onion-sage fried chicken, buttermilk waffles, applewood smoked bacon “sprinkles”, and a bourbon maple syrup glaze. Damn, that was tasty. This one could certain serve as a meal. It was pretty filling and all the flavors were pretty well defined. I also may have had two of these…

dad’s girls – 1st place amateur division

cannoli cupcake by dad’s girls

Dad’s Girls served a cannoli cupcake! It had moist cake, sweet ricotta, chocolate, (I believe) chopped pistachio, and a piece of cannoli shell. This was pretty delicious too. They ended up winning 1st place for the amateur division.

jim belushi by jimmies cupcake co.

Jimmies Cupcake Co. took home first place in the professional division for their Jim Belushi, a spiced tomato cupcake with a pistachio shortbread lemon bar baked inside topped with a caramel cream cheese icing and a piece of sesame brittle.

I consumed a ton of cupcakes last Saturday. Probably not the best preparation for the Broad Street Run, but it was surely an awesome time!

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Last Saturday was World Foodspotting Day and to celebrate the first birthday of Foodspotting, several foodspotters around the world met up with others to eat and “spot”!

Chef Levin of Adsum in Philadelphia put together a special brunch menu for the day. The menu consisted of a breakfast poutine, fried chicken & waffles, and a specialty cocktail. The breakfast poutine had duck fat fries topped with brown gravy, sausage gravy, mozzarella curd, and a fried egg. The fried chicken and waffles were topped with a jalapeno maple syrup. Lastly, the specialty cocktail was called the Figure Study, consisting of SNAP, fig sorbet, champagne, and Peychaud bitters.

fried chicken & waffles w/ jalapeno maple syrup

I’m pretty sure I would have gone with the breakfast poutine, especially since I’ve heard their super poutine off their dinner menu is awesome, but since I consumed poutine-ish fries the night before, I had to decline. My body just said no to the consumption of gravy covered fries twice within 24 hours. In lieu of the poutine, I went for the fried chicken & waffles. It was delicious. The combination of jalapeno with the maple syrup was interesting and tasty. Wish I had room to try other food cause the menu looked pretty awesome.

It was great to run into some familiar faces as well as meet some new ones. Huge thanks to Chef Levin and the Adsum crew, Alexis of teaspoons & petals, and of course, Foodspotting!

700 S 5th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

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