mason’s brewing company – the hulkster

Name: The Hulkster
Location: Mason’s Brewing Company, 15 Hardy St,
Brewer, ME 04412
Protein: two beef patties from local Maine farms
Bun: Non-potato
Toppings: white American cheese, cheddar, grilled onions, lettuce, cold smoked tomato, hop sauce
Burger to Bun Ratio: Perfect
Accompaniments: House cut fries from local potatoes
Price: $17

Notes, etc.:
I stumbled across this place on the way home from Acadia NP thanks to friends in the area. I normally don’t order massive burgers, but since this was a post-camping meal, I was feeling quite hungry!

The Hulkster is the largest burger they have on the menu, boasting two (maybe 1/3 lb) local beef patties, two types of cheese, and a bunch of toppings! The airy, toasted, fresh bun held up to the weight & juiciness until the last couple bites when the bottom half started to fall apart. The meat was cooked medium rare (by request) and the toppings complimented it nicely. Every bite had a perfect mix of everything, as the burger to bun ratio was on point. The accompanying house cut fries were a cut larger than shoestrings and were perfectly salted and crispy.

Definitely worth stopping by if you’re heading to Bangor or passing through along I-95. You can grab an excellent burger and a solid house beer while taking in the view of the Penobscot River.

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