south philadelphia tap room

It took me way too long to get down here. I’ve always heard great things about the food Chef Scott Schroeder makes. He also tweets photos of his food and it always looks awesome. For example, there’s the grilled cheese & tomato soup and the extremely rare chicken fried cheesesteak. After seeing these, you’re probably wondering why it took me so long to go.

Grilled cheese in mind, I made my way down after work yesterday. To my surprise, an insert was handed out in addition to the regular menu which included Scott’s Dogs, hot dogs which will soon be served from a cart in a collaboration with Southwark Chef Nick Macri, an appetizer of “mexican construction worker style headcheese tacos”, and “my grandmom’s tomato and mayonnaise sandwich”. Whoa! If you follow Scott on Twitter, you have definitely seen him talk about a simple sandwich of tomato and mayo. I never thought it was weird, but I certainly have never had or heard of it. It certainly intrigued me. After I saw that Scott was offering this on the menu, I had no choice but to order it. I had to see what all the fuss was about. The sandwich (pictured above) is made from Lancaster county tomatoes, white bread, and mayo and is accompanied by a side of fries, salad, or pasta salad. It was freaking delicious. I would ramble on more, but my words honestly don’t do it any justice. You HAVE to make it down here.

grilled cheese & tomato soup

One of the three of us did get the grilled cheese and she was kind enough to let me try a piece. That was quite fantastic too. If I had a couple more beers in me, there’s no doubt in my mind I would have ordered a grilled cheese too. I also tried one of the headcheese tacos which was tasty. They had quite the spice kick!

mexican construction worker style headcheese tacos

I will definitely be back. The place has a chill vibe, the beer selection is good, and Scott’s food rocks. I also have unfinished business (grilled cheese/tomato soup, the burger, Scott’s Dogs, and a chicken fried cheesesteak…if I get lucky).

If you think it’s too far to get to it’s only a couple blocks northwest of the Snyder stop on the Broad Street Line. Do it.

South Philadelphia Tap Room
1509 Mifflin Street
Philadelphia, PA 19145

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cooking: mayonnaise (w/ photo) & buffalo chicken salad

Ahh, it’s good to be back (blogging that is). I apologize for my absence and I’ll try harder to post more. So tonight I decided to prepare lunch for tomorrow. Since I made some chicken caesar wraps for dinner, I had leftover poached chicken breasts. Ultimately, I decided buffalo chicken salad would be perfect.

I started out making some mayonnaise. It’s the same recipe I used last time. It’s nice and simple. Definitely try making this on your own before reaching out for that container of Hellman’s. Trust me…it’s so much better tasting…and “kinda” fun. Here’s a link to Aida Mollenkamp’s mayo recipe, which is very helpful in giving you a starting point. The neat thing about making mayo is that you can really add whatever flavors you want to it. Ex. Sesame oil instead of veg/canola to give it a nutty flavor, roasted garlic, wasabi, and the list goes on. I have yet to try anything that interesting, but I definitely see myself giving a new flavor a shot in the future.

After the mayo was set, I created the buffalo chicken salad kinda off the top of my head…the estimated recipe is as follows.

Just wanted to say that I eyeballed pretty much everything in the following recipe. Don’t take the measurements to heart and use your best judgement…I’m sure you guys will do fine.

Buffalo Chicken Salad (yields about 4-5 cups…I think…haha)

-about 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (poached, diced into cubes/shredded, etc.)
-1/2 – 1 cup mayo
-1/4 cup or less of ranch dressing
-1 celery rib (chopped)
-1/4 cup gorgonzola cubes
-hot sauce (to taste, I used Frank’s Red Hot)
-kosher salt & freshly ground black pepper (to taste)

Start by placing the chicken cubes/shreds in a fairly large mixing bowl. Next, toss the mayo in and work the chicken/mayo mixture around so the mayo gets incorporated well as the chicken breaks apart from it’s cube form (if you want to get rid of the cubes). Proceed by adding the ranch dressing followed by the chopped celery and gorgonzola. Once well mixed, add enough hot sauce to turn the salad a light tinge of orange/red. Obviously, based on your preferences, you may opt to add a lot, or maybe just a couple drops. I definitely used close to maybe an 1/8 of a cup? Lastly, toss in a small pinch of kosher salt and grind some black pepper. Stir till well mixed. Give it a final taste test, and adjust seasonings as required. Serve on toasted bread, crackers, or just eat it on it’s own!

It tasted good, but I’m sure I could do better. I’m pretty happy with the turnout. We’ll find out tomorrow how good it really is! I’m going to serve it on toasted whole wheat bread.

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cooking: mayonnaise

I made some homemade mayo tonight for my BLT lunch tomorrow. Shoulda taken a photo for you guys…oh well, there’s always next time.

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