loco pez – 1/4 lb. burger

Located in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philly is Loco Pez, a small Mexican “street food” bar & restaurant. Living close by, I’ve been here several times already. The tacos are delicious and the nachos are some of the best I’ve had. Their menu does have a cowboy section, which consists of a hot dog, a burger, a burrito, and an American-style taco.

After several visits, I decided it was time to try their burger. It’s a 1/4 lb. LaFrieda blend burger which is topped with cheddar, pickles, and special sauce. The burger sits between a soft seeded bun and is accompanied by additional side toppings such as sliced radishes, shredded lettuce, and sliced jalapenos. Next to the burger is a very generous amount of perfectly crispy waffle fries.

The burger was cooked well. Even though they don’t ask you, I believe it’s intended to be cooked to medium. It’s only $6 and it tasted good, however, it would benefit from the juiciness of a medium burger plus a little bit more sauce.

I ordered another item from the cowboy menu, the Gabacho Taco. The Gabacho Taco is an American style, hard shell taco with seasoned ground beef, red onion, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomato, and queso fresco. It was great. Even though I’m more a fan of the traditional soft tortilla tacos, Loco Pez certainly did a great job with these hard shell ones and it’s going to be tough to not get one every time I come in.

Loco Pez
2401 Norris St.
Philadelphia, PA 19125

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philly foodspotting south philly taco crawl – april 2012

This past Sunday, 7 Foodspotters, including myself, braved the rain and participated in Philly Foodspotting’s longest crawl yet. The South Philly Taco Crawl that took place consisted of five stops in the following order: Tres Jalapeños, La Veracruzana, Taqueria Los Taquitos de Puebla, La Lupe, and El Jarocho.

Since there were 7 of us and 5 stops, we decided to order a couple tacos at each place and split them up so we could try a little bit of everything.

Throughout the evening, several different types of tacos were consumed from al pastor (marinated pork w/ pineapple) to carnitas (pork). Vegetarian friendly options like portabella and cheese tacos were also enjoyed. The most interesting ones that we got to try were the jalapeños rellenos de queso (stuffed jalapeños w/ cheese) from La Veracruzana and nopales con queso (cactus & cheese) from Taqueria Los Taquitos de Puebla. The tastiest tacos were the barbacoa lamb ones from El Jarocho. At the end, some of us even stopped by a nearby 7-Eleven…for a Choco Taco!

Thanks to all who came out despite the unpleasant weather, it surely was a great time!

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cantina dos segundos – mexican beast burger

With Huevos Dos Segundos on my mind, I went to Cantina Dos Segundos for brunch last weekend. After seeing the Mexican Beast Burger special on the chalkboard, I had to reconsider my brunch decision.

Of course I went with the burger. There isn’t a burger normally on Dos Segundos’s menu, so that influenced my decision. Well, that and the fact that I almost always want a burger…

The Mexican Beast Burger was massive. The burger comes on what seems to be a large Portuguese roll. The bottom half of the roll is topped with a thinly spread layer of refried beans. Above the beans sits the burger followed by jack cheese, caramelized chipotle onions, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

When it came out, I started to make judgments as I saw that the bread seemed significantly larger than the burger. I quickly put the observation in the back of my head as this burger could still be delicious. All the flavors went together nicely and I don’t think any of them were unnecessary. I’ve never had refried beans on a burger, but it worked. Sure, the refried beans are a heavy ingredient, but you don’t order burgers to eat lightly, do you? Despite the large size of the roll, it was actually really good. The roll was light and airy with a flaky exterior. Even some of the burgerless bites were tasty.

The Mexican Beast Burger was a special when I went. Not entirely sure how long it’s gunna be up there for, so if you see it and you’re in the mood for a burger, don’t let the opportunity slide!

Cantina Dos Segundos
931 N. 2nd St.
Philadelphia, PA 19123

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philly foodspotting weird food eatup – october 2011

For the Halloween season, I thought it’d be fun to do a weird food eatup around Philly. It was originally intended to be a crawl, but due to time constraints on a weeknight, I figured an eatup would be best. I chose Los Taquitos de Puebla in South Philly as our venue since it is home to several odd tacos, from head meat to eyeballs. Yes, eyeballs.

tacos de surtida

Unfortunately, it rained a good amount last Thursday so attendance was pretty slim. At the table sat me, fellow Foodspotter Lee, and his wife. Lee’s wife wasn’t too fond of giving the weird tacos a try, so me and Lee split the Tacos de Ojo (eyeball), Tacos de Trompa (lips), and Tacos de Surtida (mixed head meat).

lee eating the last bit of eyeballs...

We “toasted” and took our first bite of the eyeball tacos. It honestly wasn’t as unpleasant as I thought it would be. The texture was very chewy and fatty. Not the most desirable texture, but hey, it was chopped up and wasn’t looking at me! The other tacos had a similar fatty consistency but had much more meaty texture than the eyeballs did.

Check out the guide!

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la esperanza – lengua tacos

These lengua tacos were so far the best I’ve had! The lengua was much more tender and cut into bigger pieces. The tortillas were also a lot softer and larger. This is all compared to my previous lengua taco experience.

different sauces

They served two different sauces with the tacos. One was a less spicy green sauce and the red was much spicer with a base of chipotles in adobo. Both were pretty tasty.

It’s kind of a hike from Philly and a still a good walk from the Lindenwold PATCO station, but worth checking out if you’re in the area! I wanna come back again. The carnitas tacos sounded pretty good but the lengua won me over. Will definitely order those next time.

La Esperanza
40 East Gibbsboro Rd
Lindenwold, NJ 08021

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