hill country chicken

If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll recall my visit to Hill Country. Since that visit, the same guys opened up Hill Country Chicken in Flatiron. I joined a couple friends for lunch there a couple weeks ago.

They offer two different kinds of fried chicken, Hill Country Classic or Mama Els’ Recipe. Classic is just how you’d expect and the Mama Els is fried chicken without the skin. I know that fried chicken without the skin sounds crazy. I definitely did.

classic in the foreground, mama els in the background

maker's mark bourbon pecan pie

I ordered a thigh of each kind. The classic was delicious with crispy, tasty skin and a juicy inside. The Mama Els was surprisingly great. It was so full of flavor that it didn’t even need the skin. Of course, I’ll probably choose the classic if I had to pick one though. In addition to the chicken, I got to try some of the pecan pie my friend got. Quite delicious as well. Did I mention that there was Maker’s Mark in it?

Hill Country Chicken
1123 Broadway
New York, NY 10010

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fette sau

After a small batch tour and several beers at the Brooklyn Brewery, I went over to Fette Sau for a super indulgent, but downright delicious dinner.

Fette Sau is one of those BBQ joints where you order your food by the pound. Fueled by lots of Brooklyn beer, I chose well for my party of four. We got pork belly, sausage, beef brisket, boneless ribs, a side of German potato salad, and a side of burnt end baked beans.

This dinner was fantastic. Everything was delicious but the standouts were definitely the pork belly and the baked beans. The pork belly was tender, juicy, and served in slices about a 1/4″ thick! The burnt end baked beans were easily the best baked beans I’ve ever had. It’s honestly just one of those things that you’re just going to have to try to believe me.

You can also order beer in large quantities too. We had one gallon (yup, a gallon) of Sixpoint Vienna Pale to wash everything down.

I did absolutely nothing after dinner because the deep, deep food coma I was in but oh, was it worth it though. Definitely looking forward to coming back!

Fette Sau
354 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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momofuku milk bar

Located next to David Chang’s Má Pechê, is Chang’s Momofuku Milk Bar. Milk Bar is a bakery serving all sorts of things from cookies to frozen yogurt. When I visited, I was like a kid in a candy store…with a budget of course. There were so many other things I wanted to try.

First was the Anderson Cooper endorsed crack pie. It was smooth and rich with a lot of butterscotchy flavor. The crust was tasty too. Not sure if it’s worth the hype though.

Some NYC friends started to mention these birthday cake truffles in tweets and I immediately added that to my list. These were extremely indulgent. Very sweet but it definitely tasted like birthday cake. There were three truffles to a pack and luckily I shared em with two other friends because there’s no way you can stomach more than one.

I then tried the corn cookie. The corn cookie had flavors very reminiscent of Mexican cornbread/corn cake. I mean that in a good way. It was pleasant tasting and not overly sweet.

The cornflake cookie is probably my favorite one. Some of the ingredients are cornflakes, marshmallows, and chocolate chips. Delicious. It may be a touch sweet, but not as sweet as the forementioned truffles. The texture was interesting too, it had some crunchiness from the added cornflakes.

The blueberry & cream cookie was great too. There was almost a blueberry in every bite and it had a somewhat “creamy” feel due to the added milk powder.

If you’re a peanut or peanut butter fan, you’ll totally love Milk Bar’s peanut butter cookie. It’s got peanut butter and pieces of peanut brittle in it! Really enjoyed this one, it was simple and delicious.

The compost cookie is interesting. Some of the ingredients are graham crumbs, potato chips, pretzels, chocolate chips, butterscotch, oats, and coffee grounds. The taste is sweet and salty and has a chewy and crunchy texture.

For you Philly folks that can’t make the trip up, Green Aisle on East Passyunk Avenue gets about two shipments every week. Just call em ahead of time and they can reserve some for you!

Momofuku Milk Bar (another location in the East Village)
15 W 56th Street
New York, NY 10019

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souvlaki gr

Out of many food trucks at the Vendys, Souvlaki GR made a real lasting impression and I’ve been wanting to come back.

Within the past month, they opened up a brick & mortar location on the Lower East Side and I stopped in for dinner a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I became vegetarian for lent, so I had to forego the souvlaki and went with the Greek fries. They came out pretty quickly (not complaining)! Fries were cooked well and topped with feta, oregano, salt, and pepper. Damn, were they good!

I started to feel a little sluggish towards the end and went with a frappe. I’ve always heard Greek coffee is strong and I learned that quick. The waitress brought out the frappe and I took that down within 15 minutes. She laughed at me but also gave me a jaw dropping look. She then said, “You’re supposed to finish that within an hour or hour and a half!” Yikes. I started to shake soon after. Totally worth it though, that frappe kept me up for LCD Soundsystem’s second to last show at T5!

Since they just opened, there were some things that weren’t available yet. The owner (?) told me that they should have four Greek beers on tap within the next couple weeks. Also, they have loukomades on the menu! Not ready when I went, but soon! The only time I’ve ever had these was at a Greek church festival in the Lehigh Valley. They’re incredible, deep fried honey balls! Not many Greek restaurants serve loukomades too, so definitely try this when they offer it! The owner told me he didn’t want to serve the loukomades until they were perfect! Totally understand. I hope to be back to try them! The loukomades and Greek beer might be available now! Go get some!

Souvlaki GR
116 Stanton Street
New York, NY

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taim mobile

Late last year, Taim started to offer falafel on the streets of NYC in addition to their brick & mortar location in the West Village. I’ve been wanting to get Taim falafel ever since that day. One of the corners of the truck reads the definition of the Hebrew word taim, “highly pleasant to the taste, delicious.” I agree completely.

Since I was in the city during the week it was my goal to order the harissa falafel sandwich this time since I had green last. The sandwich comes with the falafel, hummus, Israeli salad, pickled cabbage, and tahini. Fantastic. It was even better than what I remember! Falafel had a crisp outside with a just spicy enough center and wasn’t dry.

The truck unfortunately only has the green falafel daily. The harissa was on special when I went and this week it’s spinach & jalapeno falafel! It sure sounds pretty good!

You can see their weekly schedule on their website or follow them on Twitter!

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