gino’s burgers & chicken – gino’s giant

A couple of my coworkers are from the Philadelphia area. They told me about this place called Gino’s that used to be around when they were growing up. Gino’s was around from the 60’s to the early 80’s when the franchise was merged with Roy Rogers. Recently, the local fast food chain has made come back in the area, with a handful of locations in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. We stopped into the King of Prussia location earlier this week, where I got to try the classic Gino’s Giant.

The Gino’s Giant is very similar to a Big Mac. It’s their signature burger made with two (looks like) 1/4 lb. beef patties, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, special sauce, and the third, intermediate piece of bread separating the patties. It’s also served on a sesame seed bun.

I don’t remember the last time I had fast food, but this definitely brought back memories of stuffing my face into McDonald’s and Burger King burgers. That’s a good thing of course. I liked it, though I think it could have used a bit more sauce or cheese that’s melted more, as it was a smidge dry.

Gino’s Burgers & Chicken
611 W Dekalb Pike
King of Prussia, PA 19406

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grand lux cafe: cherry hill – garlic-blue burger

I was invited last week to check out the new Grand Lux Cafe that’s opening in Cherry Hill, NJ. If you’re not aware, Grand Lux Cafe is basically a small chain under the Cheesecake Factory. There’s only a handful across the country and this is their latest. The sample menus we were given had burgers on it! I was slightly overwhelmed as there were lots of burgers to choose from. I eventually settled for the Garlic-Blue Burger.

The Garlic-Blue Burger consists of a 10 oz. Angus burger topped with Applewood smoked bacon, garlic-blue cheese aioli, grilled onions, tomato, and arugula. I wish I had good things to say. I ordered it medium-rare and it certainly came out well done. It was still juicy but lacked flavor. The aioli needed more, too. I know aioli is derived from mayo, but there wasn’t enough to make this different than mayo. It just tasted like mayo. The bun was also overly buttery and broke down from it’s softness. For a $13 price tag, you may want to go with something else…like the Vietnamese Chicken Summer Rolls. Those were awesome.

Don’t miss the Pineapple Smash cocktail. It’s made with muddled caramelized pineapple and whiskey on the rocks. Pretty damn tasty.

Grand Lux Cafe
Cherry Hill Mall
2000 Route 38
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

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the brgr joint – double brgr

A few years ago at my last job, I came across this place when I looked at a bridge in the area. Last week, I found myself in proximity and wanted to give it another try. The BRGR Joint’s menu is set up very similar to a Five Guys; after choosing the burger you want, you choose the sauces and toppings.

I chose the Double BRGR with A1 sauce, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and grilled onions. The big burger was served on a potato roll and looked good. Unfortunately, after a couple of bites, this happened…

Yes, that’s paper. At first, I thought it was the paper used to separate frozen burger patties, but on closer look, it was actually the paper used to separate slices of cheese. Whether it was on the burger or cheese, it’s still unacceptable. How do you not notice a huge piece of paper like that? You are watching the food you are cooking, right? I brought the burger back. I received an apology and a new burger. If I wasn’t so hungry, I probably would have taken the refund.

So a paperless Double BRGR? It’s not bad. I just question the care they put into the burgers…

The BRGR Joint
1011 W Lancaster Ave.
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

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bobby’s burger palace: cherry hill – crunchburger

I’ve avoided this place. Well, not really. It’s more the fact that this place would never come up in discussion on where to grab a burger. One reason is because the Philly location is all the way out in University City, the opposite end of the city from where I reside. Another reason is because it’s a chain headed by a celebrity chef. I’m not saying that all celebrity chef chains are horrible, it’s just that the quality may not be up to the hype surrounding the celebrity chef. I visted my family in the burbs last weekend and I was feeling a burger. My father suggested Bobby’s Burger Palace and I figured, why not, let’s give it a try.

BBP has a list of 10 burgers and I thought for sure I was dead set on the Bobby Blue Burger with blue cheese and bacon. The only burger that had a red box around it was the Crunchburger. That easily got my attention. Also because it said “Crunchify” on the menu in several places. To crunchify means to add potato chips to the burger. Since it was everywhere, I figured this was the BBP thing to do. One medium-rare Crunchburger was ordered. In addition, a side of hand cut fries and my father’s burger, the Buffalo Style Burger was ordered.

The Crunchburger is a burger with double American cheese and a ton of potato chips nestled between a soft seeded bun. The burger was overcooked to medium. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it. The meat was juicy and flavorful. The patty was appropriately sized for the bun, too. Potato chips on a burger though? I don’t know. When I was growing up, I vividly remember several friends who would add potato chips to their sandwiches and I thought it was odd. I’m still not a believer. The chips on the burger seemed to add a texture and saltiness, but I could have done without em. Perhaps if you were one of those potato chip on your school lunch sandwich type of people, this is right up your alley!

The fries were a smidge overcooked, but tasted good. The dipping sauce that came with the fries was somewhat 1000 Island-like, but was way too liquidy to be a dipping sauce, in my opinion.

I paid $6.75 for that burger and it was much better than a lot of the burgers I’ve paid almost $10 or more in recent weeks. Bobby’s Burger Palace serves a pretty satisfying burger (for your stomach and your wallet)!

Bobby’s Burger Palace
2000 Rt. 38; Suite 1160
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

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pudge’s steaks & hoagies – eggplant parm

I was slightly lazy and didn’t pack my lunch on Monday. I also was not looking forward to having pizza or a cheese hoagie from a deli or Wawa. Lucky for me, my coworker suggested Pudge’s Steaks & Hoagies. I quickly Googled the menu on the drive over and immediately had my heart set on an eggplant parm.

Growing up, I found eggplant to be pretty repulsing. It was seedy, grainy, and just tasteless. It was only until 3 years ago that my attitude changed when I had this tasty eggplant rollatini from an Italian restaurant in North Jersey. I am now a fan, especially eggplant sandwiches.

Pudge’s offers several different types of sandwiches, though their signature seems to be their cheesesteak, which I have to return for. The eggplant was cooked with a slight crisp to it’s exterior (a good thing). They didn’t skimp on the sauce and I requested sharp provolone which was nice and melted throughout. The sandwich used a tasty, fresh roll.

Come hungry though, they unfortunately don’t offer sandwiches less than a foot.

Pudge’s Steaks & Hoagies
1510 Dekalb Pike
Blue Bell, PA 19422

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