flying monkey – pumpple cake

The Pumpple cake is the creation of Elizabeth Halen, owner of Flying Monkey at the Reading Terminal Market in Philly. I’m a little late in trying this. Rephrase, I’m extremely late in trying this. It debuted during the holiday season of 2010 and I never had a chance to get my hands on it and every time I did stop by there was none left. Finally got my hands on it this past Sunday though.

It has been called the “turducken” of desserts. It’s a very large cake, which consists of an apple pie baked in a layer of vanilla cake, a pumpkin pie baked into a layer of chocolate cake, and all covered with buttercream frosting.

Like other foods put into foods, it’s definitely a novelty, but I found this novelty to taste good! The apple pie was my favorite part. Luckily for me, I had two other friends to share the slice with, there’s no way I could consume that entire slice.

Unfortunately, by the time you read this, Flying Monkey will no longer be selling slices of Pumpple. Last Sunday was the final day. They will be making Pumpple on special order though.

Flying Monkey
Reading Terminal Market
12th & Arch Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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