wursthaus schmitz

Wursthaus Schmitz, Brauhaus Schmitz‘s Reading Terminal outpost, has finally opened. Unlike Brauhaus on South Street, Wursthaus is a beer free, German deli. They offer several different cured meats, sides, sausages, and even specialty German groceries. The biggest attraction to me, a luncher who works nearby, is the five different specialty sandwich offerings.

Being within a few blocks of my office, I have gone twice already. The first time I got The Bavarian, a sausage sandwich consisting of smoked Bauernwurst, Bavarian cole slaw, horseradish sauce, and fried onions. It is easily one of the best sausages sandwiches I have ever had. All the flavors of this sandwich tasted really great together. It took a lot for me not to get it again the second time. On my second visit I got The Hungarian, a sausage sandwich consisting of smoked Hungarian bratwurst, beef goulash, and roasted hot Hungarian peppers. The Hungarian sure packed some heat, too. It, however, was not overwhelming heat, as I was able to feel warm yet enjoy the sandwich. Both sausages were cooked perfectly and with each bite you could “snap” into the casing.

The sandwiches are being served on fresh baked rolls from South Philly’s Ba Le Bakery. Priced at $8, they’re enough to satisfy one hungry individual or to split with a friend. For $6, they offer “naked” sausages on a roll. There is a small condiment bar to top that sausage with either curry ketchup, Bavarian sweet mustard, spicy mustard, or ketchup.

The Schmitz, a sausage sandwich made up of Brauhaus’s housemade bratwurst, pork & sauerkraut, and mustard, is being served on a pretzel roll. This sandwich has been put on hold as they’re waiting for the pretzel rolls. I can’t wait to try this one when they get em in!

Wursthaus Schmitz
Reading Terminal Market
51 N 12th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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down home diner – big cheese burger

Yesterday I went out to try my second burger in Reading Terminal Market. My first was the All Beef Burger from Molly Malloy’s. Now, I tried the Big Cheese Burger from Down Home Diner.

The Big Cheese Burger is made up of Halteman beef and is topped with cheddar. It’s served on a toasted bun with tomatoes, lettuce, and fries on the side. The burger was overcooked to a medium well (even though the picture looks more medium/medium-rare). There was some juiciness to it but nothing else too special. My main gripe is that it doesn’t feel like a $6.99 burger. Also, where’s the onion?

For $7.99, they offer a Smokehouse Barbecue Burger which has bacon, barbecue sauce, and fried onions. I’m sure that would taste good, though I believe you can get a good burger without bacon.

Down Home Diner
Reading Terminal Market
51 N 12th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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molly malloy’s – all beef burger

I was stuck in the office yesterday and needed a burger to lift my spirits. I didn’t want to travel far and remembered that Molly Malloy’s in the Reading Terminal Market has a burger I haven’t had yet.

The All Beef Burger sits between a brioche bun and comes topped with Boston lettuce, beefsteak tomatoes, and your choice of cheese (I went with cheddar). I added caramelized onions and bacon for extra. The burger was overcooked to a medium, but was juicy. Unfortunately, I felt the meat itself lacked flavor. Most of the savoriness of the burger came solely from the bacon. On the bright side, the meat was the proper size for the bun and the house cut fries were tasty.

The add on options sound pretty awesome and I bet they’d be a great addition on the burger when it’s seasoned more. Just to name a few: pickled onion, tomato jam, apple onion compote.

Molly Malloy’s
Reading Terminal Market
1136 Arch St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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flying monkey – pumpple cake

The Pumpple cake is the creation of Elizabeth Halen, owner of Flying Monkey at the Reading Terminal Market in Philly. I’m a little late in trying this. Rephrase, I’m extremely late in trying this. It debuted during the holiday season of 2010 and I never had a chance to get my hands on it and every time I did stop by there was none left. Finally got my hands on it this past Sunday though.

It has been called the “turducken” of desserts. It’s a very large cake, which consists of an apple pie baked in a layer of vanilla cake, a pumpkin pie baked into a layer of chocolate cake, and all covered with buttercream frosting.

Like other foods put into foods, it’s definitely a novelty, but I found this novelty to taste good! The apple pie was my favorite part. Luckily for me, I had two other friends to share the slice with, there’s no way I could consume that entire slice.

Unfortunately, by the time you read this, Flying Monkey will no longer be selling slices of Pumpple. Last Sunday was the final day. They will be making Pumpple on special order though.

Flying Monkey
Reading Terminal Market
12th & Arch Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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miller’s twist

Miller’s Twist is located in the Reading Terminal Market in Philly. They make some pretty delicious pretzels. Soft. Salty. Buttery. Delicious.

They also have other varieties like sausage/hot dog pretzels and cheesesteak filled ones too. We got to try a sampling of the cheesesteak filled pretzels and they were pretty good…though I prefer a simple pretzel.

As with the other Amish merchants, they’re not open Sunday – Tuesday, so make sure you come on a day they’re open.

Miller’s Twist at the Reading Terminal Market
12th & Arch Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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