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I’ll admit, I watch Food Network a lot when I’m bored and over the years I’ve seen restaurants featured for being known for a dish, or something else unique. Delilah’s at the Terminal had a lot of hype since it was featured on one of Bobby Flay’s Throwdown episodes.

Now I’m sure a lot of you are going to yell at me saying, just because it’s on TV and on Throwdown doesn’t mean it’s good. Well no duh, of course it doesn’t. I’ve learned that lesson a while ago (ex. Ninja NYC). Still, some of the places featured on TV are there for a reason, they have a big following, or more importantly, it should be pretty damn good.

Anyway, due to all the hype and since I was in the Reading Terminal Market for lunch…I decided to finally give Delilah’s a try. Delilah’s at the Terminal is a soul food restaurant famous for their fried chicken and mac and cheese.

I ended up getting a platter of fried chicken, mac and cheese, and cornbread. The chicken was alright, not terrible…it’s just that my fried chicken bar of excellence has been raised high, thanks to Amy Ruth’s. The mac and cheese I can see being good if it were consumed within 10 minutes after being baked…however this wasn’t the case. The cornbread was also sub par. Throughout my life most of the cornbread I’ve had was been crumbly and dry. At one point I even thought that cornbread was supposed to be crumbly and dry! Until I had Amy Ruth’s cornbread. Deliciously amazing cornbread does exist, and it’s moist and yummy! Anyway, the cornbread here was not very satisfying.

Now, I won’t say this place is a terrible place to eat. It wasn’t bad…Delilah’s just didn’t live up to the hype.

Delilah’s at the Terminal at the Reading Terminal Market
51 N. 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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reading terminal market

The Reading Terminal Market is a pretty large farm market located in Center City Philadelphia at the corner of N. 12th Street and Arch St. I first visited the Reading Terminal Market almost a year ago (?, not entirely sure) but didn’t actually hang around much. Last weekend, I probably spent a good 3-4 hours in there.

After doing laps around the market, I decided to grab lunch at Beck’s Cajun Cafe. The woman who took my order was super friendly and gave me a sample of their jambalaya to try. It was good, though I still stuck to my order of an oyster po boy. I’ve only had a po boy once, down at this Louisiana themed cafe in Orlando last year, and it was damn good, so I instantly got in the mood once I saw it on the menu. The po boy was tasty and satisfying. I’ll try the gumbo out next time.

A couple minutes after lunch, I needed to stock up on some spices I ran out of at the Spice Terminal. They have all kinds of stuff you might need, most importantly at reasonable prices compared to the glass jars you’ll find at your supermarket for $6-$8 bucks each.

Before leaving, I stopped at Godshall’s Poultry to pick up a nice looking roaster for the five-spice chicken I later undercooked :(. It was a beautiful bird though, much better than the birds I’ve gotten from the local supermarkets here.

There’s still so much at the Reading Terminal Market that I wanna check out/try. There’s Delilah’s Southern Cooking, the always busy Amish Eating Place, the cheese shops, and other various meat/poultry/fish vendors.

Reading Terminal Market
51 N. 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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